“I have been misrepresented, but why is nothing good for you?” – Corriere.it

“I have been misrepresented, but why is nothing good for you?” – Corriere.it
“I have been misrepresented, but why is nothing good for you?” – Corriere.it

This is still the country where two parents, when they discover that their 20-year-old lesbian daughter is kicked out of the house. This is also the country where, for that young woman left without a penny and without even a change of linen, a solidarity competition is triggered which collects 140 thousand euros. So far, it is easy for each conscience to feel which side to be on. Things get complicated when the girl, Malika, from Castelfiorentino, uses part of the money to buy a Mercedes, although Class A, the cheapest, albeit second-hand, at 17 thousand euros. Now, on social media, there are those who wish you to bump into a tree, with that car. She says al Courier service: The pillory I take it all, but whoever puts me in it is no better than me. At 22, no one made a mistake ?. Ask what the mistake and her: I made a hasty choice. Maybe I had to get a job first.

The interview with Lucarelli

She understood it belatedly and after an unfortunate exit: to Selvaggia Lucarelli who was interviewing her on Tpi, he said, I took a whim. Now, Malika portrayed: I’ve been misrepresented. Misrepresented how? Did he say whim or not? She: I think people have given me money for my peace of mind. In short, the line is that of the few supporters who, on social media, say that the donation was not made with the conditional. But Italy, who had put her hand in her wallet for Malika, felt betrayed because she had promised to use the donations to rebuild her life and give charity. The Mercedes was not covered. Worst of all was the lie: in the beginning, Malika had sworn that the car belonged to his girlfriend’s parents. Then, he apologized for the lie: I was under pressure.

The confession on social media

The pressure was, in fact, understandable. The story of Malika, a factory worker but on layoffs, begins in January, when she writes to her parents, confessing that she loves a girl. Her mother sends her thirty vocal messages of insults. You disgust me, disgust, disgust !, the screams. And I also hope you get a tumor, if I see you, I’ll kill you. Mother and father make her find the changed lock of the house. To try to recover her things, she goes to the carabinieri. so that the Prosecutor of Florence opens an investigation for private violence. The donations then arrive on Gofundme. Malika moves to Milan, goes on TV with Bianca Berlinguer and Maurizio Costanzo. He makes VIP friends. The video driving the Mercedes appears on the Instagram of Gaia, the sister of a certain Tommaso Zorzi, one who became famous by swiping champagne in a docureality about dad’s children entitled Riccanza.

The dog controversy

This is the country in which to enter the world of VIPs either you are very rich and very exhibitionist or just any disaster is enough, and in which you cannot drive a used 500 to stay there. You can’t even have a foundling for a dog: the last one is Malika bought a € 2,500 French Bulldog. It was a basic necessity, always told a Tpi. I’ve been misrepresented, swear now. Again. I said the dog was psychological support. And then: if the money was donated to me, why aren’t you okay with anything I do? In short, in the life of the worker, now, everything is new and even the pressures are no longer what they used to be. It is not surprising, so to speak, to discover that, in the meantime, got an agent and even a spokesperson. Then, the spokesperson, to patch up the Mercedes story, makes a worse mess: announces contacts with Mrs Laura Boldrini for the fight against discrimination; but Boldrini denies it.

Malika Chalhy, her story

The abandonment of the agent

Meanwhile, al Courier service, the agent reveals that he left his post before the patatrac. He does not want to be mentioned, but embittered: he says he helped Malika pro bono, that she made him believe he wanted to get involved in the social sector. The Mercedes had made him suspicious, but she had sworn it was not his. It felt like an ugly, beautiful, story of violence, discrimination and redemption. She still claims it: I am a girl who has lost the points of reference and that someone wanted to send to Big Brother, but he said no. I want to fight for good causes and, in Panda or Mercedes, I will. Time will tell if it was the usual glitter blunder of social media, easy success, wealth.

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