they are no better than us, Barella and Insigne decisive. Church? A mistake from the beginning –

they are no better than us, Barella and Insigne decisive. Church? A mistake from the beginning –
they are no better than us, Barella and Insigne decisive. Church? A mistake from the beginning –

The Belgians are not being mysterious, they are just worried about them injuries of De Bruyne and Hazard. They are right. There are no injuries that go away in four days. De Bruyne, if he plays, will be with infiltrations that will leave the foot less sensitive. And Hazard, if he will play, will do so thinking above all of himself. Not pretactic, they are real concerns.

Their decisions would not affect our formation anyway. Something different could bring it Tissue, a kid who always goes dribbling. Sometimes decisive, many others useless. For unpredictable player. For us, the longer Belgium remains itself, the cheaper it is. Because we know him, we beat him when Lukaku was still a boy. The best and least sporty thing is to find him with the same men but with the best almost injured. what is happening.

Thorgan Hazard, brother Eden, Belgium the Viking name: who is the “lesser” talent finally out of the shadows
Emancipated from his brother

But a dozen Italian players have few references in Europe. Don’t pay attention to the market, it always makes everything seem random. You play a good game in the European Championship and you are worth 20 million more, everyone finds out. Not so for many years. They discover you all those who are not of the trade. It has been known for some time that Spinazzola is almost a champion, it would be enough if he were less injured. Or that Barella and Locatelli are experiments of great players, like Pessina, who has a role so modern that it has few precedents. Pessina new, but he’s fine on the bench. I don’t think about him for the European Championship, his role in today’s Italy as a last resort. I think of his beauty in the league. It almost has the characteristics of the church which it has for a smarter game. It seems to me a mistake to start with Chiesa, I would put it when the opponents already have an hour of playing on them. L can decide even in his natural half confusion. But we speak without knowing. Football today excludes, does not like the opinions of anyone, so it does not show, it does not make it understood. Not just Belgians, everyone.

Out of the prediction I can say that I prefer Italy because they have better football. Two players will be fundamental, Barella and Insigne. In tactical importance they compensate for Lukaku’s difference. But they will have to engrave. They are few but very good. We are larger, but we must multiply. We usually know how to do it.

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