real or formal rapprochement? –

real or formal rapprochement? –
real or formal rapprochement? –

LONDON – In the name of the mother they put the grudges behind them for a day: but it was difficult for us to be enough to reconcile William e Harry, the knife brothers of the British royal house. Because the bad blood that now flows between Diana’s two children is too much.

The occasion for the rapprochement, at least on a formal level, was the inauguration of the statue at the late Princess of Wales, in the gardens of Kensington Palace: a ceremony reduced to the bone due to the restrictions imposed by Covid, but also for the coldness that hovers over the relationship between William and Harry and for the hatred that the latter has towards the press, whose presence has been reduced to a minimum.

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William and Harry discover the statue dedicated to Lady Diana: the photos

Beside the two principles there were only fratello and Diana’s two sisters: as if it were a ceremony at Spencer house, the princess’s family. And there are those who have pointed out that this event in some way marks the definitive dianization of the monarchy, which has been forever revolutionized by the personality and impact of the princess. Harry arrived alone from Los Angeles: his wife Meghan remained across the Atlantic to look after the newborn Lilibet.

But it is clear that the presence of the Duchess of Sussex, that the real reason for the break between the two brothers, it would only cause further embarrassment. Consequently, in order not to create asymmetries, Kate, William’s wife, was also kept away from the ceremony. On July 1 Diana would have turned 60: and the monument dedicated to her sees her portrayed as she was in the final phase of her life, a self-confident woman dedicated to humanitarian causes. Every day, we wish he was still with us – William and Harry said in a now rare joint statement – and our hope that this statue will forever be seen as a symbol of his life and legacy.

Today, on what would have been our mother’s 60th birthday, we remember her love, her strength and her character, qualities that have made her a force for good in the world, which has changed countless lives for the better.

The statue for Lady Diana, the inauguration, William and Harry: the news

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