sun and 30 degrees, then the African heat returns

sun and 30 degrees, then the African heat returns
sun and 30 degrees, then the African heat returns

It will be a sunny and hot weekend, but the maximum temperatures will remain around 30 degrees. The African heat, however, will return almost immediately. In fact, a new wave of African heat is expected at the beginning of next week, which will also hit Rome and Lazio.

New African heatwave arrives on Wednesday

The experts of the site speak of “a new and perhaps more intense wave of African heat that will envelop the whole of our Peninsula from north to south, indicatively starting from Wednesday 7 July”. In short, from Wednesday 7 June, it will start to get very hot again and the maximum temperatures could rise up to 35 degrees even in the capital.

Hot weekend, but not very hot in Rome

As mentioned, Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 will be days characterized by sun and heat in Rome, but the maximum temperatures should not exceed 31 degrees, so much so that on the bulletin of the Ministry of Health on heat waves the capital is classified with the green sticker, that is, zero risk. Both Saturday and Sunday the sky could be clouded at times and, perhaps, cloudy in the late afternoon of the 4th of July. The minimum is expected to be around 18 degrees and the maximum never exceeding 31 degrees. According to the bulletin of the Ministry of Health, the perceived temperatures will be around 32/33 degrees.

Northern Italy in the rain at the weekend

The whole of northern Italy will instead be hit by a vast disturbance that will bring heavy rains and storms throughout the Alps. Precipitation should involve a large part of Lombardy and Piedmont. A first improvement will only occur on Monday.


sun degrees African heat returns

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