AstraZeneca instead of Pfizer: the error of the Nole Canavese vaccination center

AstraZeneca instead of Pfizer: the error of the Nole Canavese vaccination center
AstraZeneca instead of Pfizer: the error of the Nole Canavese vaccination center

The vaccination center of Nole Canavese in the province of Turin mistakenly administered the AstraZeneca vaccine to 19 users instead of Pfizer-BioNTech. It happened on Saturday 19 June, there are eight women and eleven men and 17 of the users are under 60. According to the ASL To4, the event was immediately communicated to the interested parties who were placed under a surveillance protocol that provides for taking charge by an ASL doctor and blood chemistry monitoring. Also according to the local health company, many of them complained of high fever, accentuated sweating, pain in the joints, or the typical mild adverse reactions that result from the administration of the vaccine.

The vaccination center of Nole Canavese and AstraZeneca instead of Pfizer

The ASL itself has made it known that “at the moment there have been no” symptoms other than those commonly related to the anti Covid vaccination “, while the blood chemistry surveillance did not detect the emergence of risk situations. To explain the administration of AstraZeneca instead of Pfizer, the doctors spoke of an error in the inoculation phase. The ASL has further strengthened the control procedures already operational in the Nole Canavese vaccination center and an in-depth internal analysis is underway.

On the affair today The print reports the testimony of one of the people who received Vaxzevria: «From what I remember – he says – it seemed that the Pzifer doses had not arrived. And I seem to have understood that in order not to gather people, they made the stocks they had. I only realized it after it was not the intended vaccine, Pfizer. Among other things, I had already done Covid a few months ago and now, for five days, I have the same symptoms. Let’s hope everything goes well ». “My son, who is 38, has been suffering and pain all over the place for five days” – says one of the parents of the young people involved. “Beyond the symptoms, my son is very worried about the consequences that this type of vaccine could have if inoculated to people under 40, as has been shown by experts. I am amazed how, due to the levels of control that health care should have in such an important process such as the vaccination campaign, such errors can happen, it is truly incredible ».

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AstraZeneca Pfizer error Nole Canavese vaccination center

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