15% recovered in June “but there are no foreign tourists” – Corriere.it

15% recovered in June “but there are no foreign tourists” – Corriere.it
15% recovered in June “but there are no foreign tourists” – Corriere.it

Having abandoned the chromaticism of restrictions, red in the city returns to evoke bargains for buyers and opportunities for merchants. the color of the billboards that from tomorrow they come back to camp in the shop windows of Milan. The sales begin and we try to recover what is left on the street between closures, the absence of tourists and the economic crisis. The expectations are good, the strategies are in place and the premises of the last few weeks bode well.

Let’s start with the spoils eaten by the pandemic: those over 40 billion, Confcommercio calculates, lost by the Milanese service sector by adding up 2020 and early 2021, with a contraction in revenues that in many sectors exceeded the 25% threshold and reached dramatic peaks of 30% for fashion retail, 45% for public businesses, 65% for hotels and travel agencies. With the reopening of all activities, allowed from mid-June thanks to the landing of Lombardy in the white zone, the recovery has been tangible: bars and restaurants have been the driving force for the shops and repopulated the city. We closed a June in proportion to the previous year that was quite positive: commercial activities in non-residential areas recorded a 15% increase in June compared to June 2020, says Gabriel Meghnagi, president of the association paths of Confcommercio Milano. it was a less tragic restart than expected, comments Alessandro Prisco, president of AscoDuomo: The situation seems quite favorable to the sales. Sure, most of the foreigners are still missing, but luckily something is moving.

For this reason – for the expectation that reigns in these last days of pre-sale, where as always there is a slight drop in sales because people prefer to wait and see the written balance, with the sale price, the discount and the price. obvious, and for the reality of a (almost) repopulated city – the sector looks to the next few weeks with optimism and expects at least 15% more turnover than last year’s balances, says Meghnagi. In 2020 they left late due to a request from Federmoda not to do them before 1 August (then a compromise was found on 25 July). Not only that: Last summer we came from a period in which people were relatively little interested in buying new clothes, between smart working, crisis and layoffs. Today, despite the fears and economic difficulties still exist, the city breathes an air of renewed positivity. Confcommercio has foreseen an expense of around 170 euros per family group – says Prisco -, a figure however lower than in the pre-pandemic years.

You will leave with a 30% discount, after two weeks the assortments and sizes will run out (the stores are not full of goods, they bought less for fear of ending up as in 2020 flooded with unsold) and it will go to 40-50%. Those who do not make 30% immediately this year do not sell, explains Meghnagi. While in 2019 you could easily start from 20%, in the last two years the policy was more aggressive, but necessary.

Everything is played out, therefore, in the first two weeks. Then the look goes to autumn: I believe in a positive autumn, predicts Meghnagi. The signals are coming, not only from the pre-sales and the waiting for the real ones, but also from the filling of the windows emptied by the pandemic: In Buenos Aires we had 25 free spaces for rent, 15 have already been occupied in recent months. The giants who had closed some of their stores with the pandemic will not return, it is difficult to fill those huge spaces again, but the medium-sized shops instead return (although concentrated in the central spaces, letting the neighboring streets die): commerce is believing in this autumn-winter.

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