Amadeus: «Sanremo ter? We are talking about it. I would do it if it were really a Festival of rebirth “

Amadeus, Stefano Coletta

The hypothesis of a Sanremo ter buzzes in his head, it’s not entirely out of the question. And this is already news. Amadeus he has been discussing it for some time with the director of Rai1 Stefano Coletta, which is explicitly intent on snatching a yes from the conductor. At least as the artistic director of the event.

Amadeus, after the initial renounces a return to Ariston, now it is much more of a possibility.

When I am asked to do Sanremo it is always an honor and a prestige, even if it is for the third time. But just why I give a very high value to Sanremo, I think the third should add something more. I have always said that I have a splendid relationship with Rai and with the director of Rai Uno Coletta and the deputy director Fasulo. We are talking and talking, they know me and they know that for me the priority is that the conditions exist to make a Sanremo of rebirth

Amadeus said during the press conference of his new show for Rai – Arena 60, 70, 80 – aired in October in prime time. Then he reiterated that the discussions in progress are aimed at understanding whether his presence will be useful “to a third important Festival, done as it should be done and that is to say in a big way“.

The conductor then referred to the now imminent renewal of Rai governance, explaining that it will be important to understand even if the new top management will share the same vision and the same projects for the event.

He was decidedly in favor of a renewal of the partnership with Amadeus the director of Rai1 Stefano Coletta:

We have been talking about it for some time, he is obviously thinking about it. We need to understand what the expressive potential of a Sanremo will be. I think that beyond the show his great work as art director is undeniable, because going back from that type of work would be a regression of musical culture so I think that work should continue. We hope to go on vacation with a decision made

affirmed the number one of the Rai flagship network, anticipating – together with the host – that it will soon be broadcast on Rai1 a documentary that will tell the demanding realization of the last Sanremo. “It gives exactly the idea of ​​the work of the hundreds of people who built that Festival”Remarked Amadeus, while Coletta specified that the broadcast is scheduled for an access at the start of next season. “Now a lot of the audience is on vacation and I would like everyone to see it”Commented the director of Rai1


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