Conte takes revenge: distrust of the guarantor and new party. From Fico to Tabacci, the big names arrive

Conte takes revenge: distrust of the guarantor and new party. From Fico to Tabacci, the big names arrive
Conte takes revenge: distrust of the guarantor and new party. From Fico to Tabacci, the big names arrive

The real game starts now. The clash that took place in the last few days between Conte and Grillo was just a training session. Message that the former premier delivers to the founder of M5S from the door of his home after returning from a tennis match: «It was just a training session. You will be informed about the next moves in the next few hours ».

There are two moves: to blow the M5S from Grillo, appealing to an article of the Statute that provides for the distrust of the guarantor, or to found a new party that puts Roberto Fico and Bruno Tabacci in the same house, emptying the grillini groups in the Chamber and the Senate.

The night, after Grillo’s vaffa, does not let off the rage. Conte, who at the conference had promised – “you will never hear a word against the founder of the M5S” – changes his tone and attacks: “I was upset not so much and not just for me. I think this self-sufficient turning point is a mortification not only for me, but for an entire community that I have known well and appreciated, of girls, boys, adults, who have believed in certain ideals. It is a great mortification for all of them “, he says, intercepted by de Lapresse journalists.

The split has already taken place in the parliamentary groups, split between pro Conte and pro Grillo. The seal is celebrated in the fiery assembly of deputies and senators. In Parliament, the M5S already moves with two heads. Example? The vote in the House yesterday on an agenda for the construction of the bridge over the Strait. “The 5 Stars vote in favor, against, abstain and do not participate” points out Fabio Rampelli of Fdi. It is chaos. The maneuvers go on.

The Contiani are aiming for the big shot: the President of the Chamber Roberto Fico. Sources close to the former prime minister reveal a certainty in these hours of negotiations: “Roberto will be one of us”. In recent times the link between Conte and Fico has been consolidated. On Tuesday evening, Fico gathered a group of loyalists for dinner to decide who to side with. The road to Conte seems to have taken. Just read yesterday’s post by the parliamentarian Gilda Sportiello, spokesperson for Fico’s thought: «Saturn devouring his children. Have you ever seen this painting? It portrays Saturn who, one by one, devours his children for fear that, in the future, one of them may overthrow him from his throne. Beppe I love you, but I’m sorry: the step from vision to hallucination is short ».

Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio does not reveal the cards. He puts forward his loyalist, Undersecretary for Infrastructure Giancarlo Cancelleri: «I don’t want to argue with Grillo, but the theme is that if we are not ready to change our mind, it means that we are not ready to change anything. And unfortunately I don’t want to stay in a Movement that doesn’t want to change anything ». Words also prelude to a flight to Conte. But is not so. Two other loyalists, Vincenzo Spadafora and Sergio Battelli, of Minister Di Maio, embrace Grillo. But who loses Vito Crimi and Chiara Appendino.

“The events of these days, especially in the last few hours, lead me to a profound reflection on my role in the Guarantee Committee and on my permanence in the Movement” – admits the regent Crimi.

In the Senate, according to what Conte’s spins have leaked, there will be an exodus towards the former head of government. Scenario confirmed by the words of the group leader Ettore Licheri: “Stopping this process is a wrong done to citizens.” The two ministers Federico d’Incà and Stefano Patuanelli should move to the party of the former prime minister.

But Conte does not only fish at the grill house. For his creature he is re-establishing contacts with the troops of those responsible, who should have saved him from defenestration from Palazzo Chigi. One looks, in the Chamber, at the groups of the Democratic Center of Bruno Tabacci, and the Ecologists of FaciamoEco of the former minister Lorenzo Fioramonti. In the Senate the initiative of Riccardo Merlo (of Miae) Italia 23 reappears. But it seems that contacts have also been initiated with Leu and Article Uno to bring in Pietro Grasso and Pier Luigi Bersani. Grillo does not stand still. In the Chamber he can count on the group leader Davide Crippa. In the Senate there are Danilo Toninelli, Barbara Lezzi and Nicola Morra. The position of the vice president of the Senate Paola Taverna is uncertain. With Conte’s farewell, the former dissidents who joined the L’Alternativa c’e group could also return to the M5S, in front of Grillo.

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