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Naples, they shoot him to steal a scooter but a notebook blocks the bullet: young man except by a miracle

01 July 2021 13:06

The boy, who only realized the danger after a few hours, filed a complaint with the carabinieri

According to what was told to the soldiers of the Arma, the bullet “blocked” by the notebook in the backpack was noticed only several hours after the incident, when he noticed a hole in the workplace. He then gave the carabinieri the diary from where the ogive was then extracted.

The story starts from 3: 30-4 in the morning on Tuesday when the young man, after leaving his home in Boscoreale, entered via Settetermini, in the Penniniello district, to go to work. Here he was stopped by two strangers who asked him to get off the scooter. The young man managed to free himself and always escape riding the vehicle. At that point he would have heard a noise, without however giving particular weight. The discovery of the bullet stuck in the diary took place only once he arrived at the Castellammare di Stabia company where he works.


Naples shoot steal scooter notebook blocks bullet young man miracle

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