Italy in the women’s and men’s semifinals

Italy in the women’s and men’s semifinals
Italy in the women’s and men’s semifinals

Good news from the European Championships in Marbella in Spain with the qualification to the semifinals of both blue teams.
Today theItaly male will address the Sweden while an arduous task for our Italdonne against the “teachers” of this sport, the Spanish.

The blue in fluency in the semifinals

We knew the Denmark it was not a big obstacle to overcome and so it was with a dry victory for ours for 3 to 0. Today at 6 pm we will face the World Padel Stars, the Spanish who beat the Germans (3-0).
At the bottom of the board they qualified the Sweden (2-1 over the Netherlands) and the France (2-1 over Belgium).

Match results with Denmark:

Chiara Pappacena – Giulia Sussarello vs Johannsen – Wiese 6-1 / 6-1

Erika Zanchetta – Carolina Petrelli vs Norregaard – Lindeskog 6-1 / 6-3

Carlotta Casali – Carolina Orsi vs Bassett – Haxen 6-2 / 3-6 / 6-0

Azzurri: The English fleet sank

L’Italy beats the Great Britain for 3 to 0 and is ready for today’s semifinal at 14:30 against Sweden (3-0 over Poland).
At the top of the board Spain (3-0 vs Germany) will face France (2-1 vs Belgium).

Match results with Great Britain:

Michele Bruno – Andres Britos vs Patacho – Jones 6-0 / 6-0

Marcelo Capitani – Simone Cremona vs Brooks – Harris 7-6 / 6-0

Lorenzo Di Giovanni – Riccardo Sinicropi vs Farqharson – Wyatt 6-2 / 6-2

European in pairs

The journey of the blue pairs stops in the quarter-finals for both the male and female categories.
The scoreboard gave us no escape as our team had to face some of the best couples in the world from Spain. In the male category Michele Bruno e Andres Britos, authors of a good tournament, they could not do anything against the Spanish phenomena Navarro-Ruiz (0-6 / 2-6).
In the women’s tournament we had three blue couples in the quarter-finals but with 2 very prohibitive matches such as the one between our number 1 Pappacena and Sussarello against Icardo-Ortega and Casali-Orsi vs Sanchez-Josemaria perhaps the most fit couple at the time of the World Padel Tour. Instead our third couple Stellato and Tommasi were one step away from the semifinal, losing only in the tiebreak of the third set against Velasco and Canovas (n ° 62 and 66 in the world).

Women’s quarter-final matches

Pappacena – Sussarello vs Icardo-Ortega 0-6/0-6
Orsi-Casali vs. Sanchez-Josemaria 4-6/0-6
Stellato-Tommasi vs. Canovas-Velasco 6-4/4-6/6-7
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Italy womens mens semifinals

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