De Laurentiis, press conference in Rome. Sparnelli: “The president has not decided”

Aurelio De Laurentiis, president of Napoli, was heavily criticized for having held his press conference in Rome.

Many have accused Aurelio De Laurentiis to have held his last press conference in Rome excluding, in fact, many Neapolitan journalists, unable to go to the capital to follow the words of the patron of the Azzurri. The former press officer of the Campania association, Massimo Sparnelli, made some statements during the Tifosi Napoletani program, broadcast on the Tele A broadcaster: “This decision was not taken by De Laurentiis”.

Massimo Sparnelli then added during his speech: “USSI has officially asked the patron of Napoli to hold the press conference in Rome. The reason is the following: to allow as many journalists as possible to take part in the event. There were also reporters from Northern Italy and Rome. it is a simpler destination to reach than Naples. I think for example Xavier Jacobelli who, from Turin, went to Rome to listen to De Laurentiis “.


Laurentiis press conference Rome Sparnelli president decided

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