Back to school, those who are vaccinated can stay in class even in the presence of outbreaks. The proposal of the Emilia Romagna health councilor

“It seems to me that on one thing we agree with the councilor Barcaiuolo: we want the school to be safe, and the children must be able to attend it in presence. And for this we want to achieve the best possible result in vaccinating teaching and non-teaching school staff (who have already exceeded 81% vaccination with at least one dose) and vaccinating the target population of school age with priority ”.

This was stated by the regional councilor for Health of Emilia Romagna, Raffaele Donini, who responds to the councilor Michele Barcaiuolo (FdI), questioning the regional council to find out if a protocol has been defined for restarting in the presence of the school, and “if the Covid-19 variants are monitored in order to predict whether there will be a real return to class attendance starting from September 2021”.

I add that with vaccination – says Donini – the risk of viral circulation would be significantly reduced and, in the event of outbreaks in schools, the possibility could be considered for those who are vaccinated – by virtue of their immunity – to remain in school in the presence. This reasoning – concludes the councilor for Health – it can be proposed to the discussion that will concern the next safety protocols for the start of the school activity, without prejudice to the fact that the decisions of the school organization belong exclusively to the school bodies”.

In the meantime, on the national front, as we have explained, the hypotheses on returning to class foresee a recovery that includes distancing and a mask.


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