news in sight for the University

news in sight for the University
news in sight for the University

Positive balance and new projects to be put in place. The Flaminia Foundation shareholders’ meeting was held which unanimously approved the 2020 financial statements which closed positively. President Mirella Falconi took the opportunity to announce some news. In particular, the signing of the Framework Agreement with the University of Bologna which will last four years and will be aimed at improving the services for students. Specifically, the Foundation has proposed two interventions to be implemented for the Ravenna Campus: the construction of a gymnasium for university students in the complex of Isola San Giovanni, and the redevelopment and expansion of the building of the Ex Kindergartens in via Tombesi dell ‘Ova 55 for the preparation of new laboratories and study rooms.

The president also announced that the Flaminia Foundation has signed the operational agreement with the Municipality of Ravenna and Alma Mater for the management and enhancement of the Marina di Ravenna Research Center which will soon be inaugurated. With regard to the degree courses of the Ravenna Campus, President Falconi reported a growing picture with prospects for further consolidation and development. In this regard, the first year of activation of the degree course in Medicine and Surgery for which Flaminia has the role of collector of the necessary funds by the Municipality of Ravenna and the Cassa di Risparmio di Ravenna Foundation has just ended and has invested resources for the construction and provision of educational workshops within the spaces made available by the Ausl Romagna.

An important novelty reported by Mirella Falconi concerns the Faenza settlement where, alongside a 15% increase in the number of students admitted to the degree course in Nursing Sciences starting from the next academic year, the activation process was started. of a three-year degree course in Healthcare. The president expressed the hope that the definition of this path represents the beginning of further initiatives in the health field on this site.

A positive balance was also drawn up for the triennial in Society and Cultures of the Mediterranean which led to the creation of the first edition of the UniversalMente Festival. Similarly, Flaminia has activated extensive collaborations and synergies with the Department of Cultural Heritage, the Department of Legal Sciences and the Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental and Materials Engineering and Architecture. Meetings with the coordinators of all degree courses are scheduled.

The president expressed her desire to organize before the autumn a moment of discussion with all the members together with the university professors to collect proposals, indications, identify lines of development that could have an impact on teaching and research and ensure that a university city which we can now define Ravenna can be truly felt as such by all citizens.

During the session of the steering committee, the president of Campus Elena Fabbri brought to the fore the problem of spaces as a consequence of the increase in registrations (the highest percentage in the University of Bologna) recorded this year by the Ravenna Campus. Faced with the prospect of growth on the part of the Ravenna Campus, Ernesto Giuseppe Alfieri, president of the Cassa di Risparmio di Ravenna Foundation, stressed the need to enhance the provision of spaces and services dedicated to university students in Ravenna. Lanfranco Gualtieri, honorary president of the Flaminia Foundation, also raised some critical issues related to logistics, hoping that this new board will be able to overcome them. Ouidad Bakkali, municipal councilor at the University, reaffirmed the commitment of the Municipality of Ravenna alongside the Flaminia Foundation, an example for all of the imminent construction of the student residence in Piazzale Farini.

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