882 infections and 21 deaths, towards a new wave? – Free Daily

882 infections and 21 deaths, towards a new wave? – Free Daily
882 infections and 21 deaths, towards a new wave? – Free Daily

The epidemiological situation in Italy continues to be under control. The same cannot be said of Europe in general, where the first alarm bells went off because after ten consecutive weeks of decline, infections from Covid-19 have started to increase again. Hans Kluge, director of the World Health Organization, expressed the risk of a new wave in the whole European region, “to me not that we do not remain disciplined”.

The bulletin today, Thursday 1 July, gives an account of 882 infected, 1,941 recovered and 21 dead on 188,474 swabs analyzed, with the positivity rate detected at 0.5 percent (the same as yesterday). As regards the national health system, the pressure is lower and lower: today the balance of hospitalized in Covid wards is -61 (1,532 beds currently occupied), while that of hospitalized in intensive care is -18 (229) compared to only 7 new entries.

The currently positives have fallen to 49,358, while the deceased have reached 127,587 but fortunately the increase has been proceeding very slowly for several weeks, a sign that the vaccine it’s working. In fact, the campaign organized by General Figliuolo is continuing at a good pace and has reached 51,564,195 million doses administered: the danger, however, is not yet averted because the Delta variant is able to infect even those who have received only the first dose.

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