finally a little cool, between the sun and a few showers-

finally a little cool, between the sun and a few showers-
finally a little cool, between the sun and a few showers-

We already noticed today, that after days of African temperatures we breathed a sigh of relief with the (very slight) decrease in heat and a little breeze to bring us relief. After the anomalous heat wave that brought thunderstorms and snow to some regions of Italy, such as South Tyrol, within a few hours, the temperature dropped across the entire Peninsula; it will be tomorrow – thanks to a depression circulation present in central Europe which tends to move towards the east – and in the coming days. Over the weekend, the African anticyclone will literally be attacked by a flurry of storms, especially in the North, with possible episodes of large hail. A slightly more lively weekend is therefore expected compared to the last few days, despite the fact that the Alpine arc has often been the scene of classic heat storms, which prefer the hottest hours of the day to develop all their power.

But this time the anticyclone destined to lose a lot of its energy, right around the weekend and according to the latest updates from the worst will come on Sunday 4th July. From tomorrow the cooler currents from the northern or north-western quadrants will (fortunately) affect the whole of Italy bringing an attenuation of the heat especially in the Center-South. The weather conditions will remain mostly stable except for showers and thunderstorms which may still affect the northern regions. Slightly stronger pressure in the North: after a sunny morning some isolated thunderstorms may affect the Triveneto reliefs and some fast rain showers in the mountainous Marche. For the rest, the sun and good weather will prevail and temperatures will decrease in the South, almost stationary in the Center-North. Here, from North to South, the time to do.


The morning will pass with the prevailing good weather, while in the afternoon some showers or isolated and short thunderstorms may affect the Alpine arc of the Triveneto: the Emilia-Romagna and eastern Liguria reliefs with occasional encroachments on the plains of Emilia-Romagna, Friuli-Venezia Giulia but rapidly running out in the evening. Temperatures: maximum values ​​expected between 26 C in Genoa and 32 C in Bologna

Center and Sardinia

General conditions of good weather with clear or partly cloudy skies. It should be noted the possible passage of a cloudy mass over the Marche which could cause some short and intermittent showers in the afternoon. Clouds also consistent on the Apennine areas with local and short showers possible on those of Tuscany and Umbria: maximum values ​​between 27 C in L’Aquila and 32 C in Cagliari and Rome.

South and Sicily

The day will pass with the sun shining in a mostly clear sky or at most partly cloudy in all regions. Weak winds predominantly northerly. Temperatures: maximum values ​​expected between 27 C in Potenza and 31 C in Palermo and Bari.

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