schools, shops, hairdressers reopen. What changes from d …

schools, shops, hairdressers reopen. What changes from d …
schools, shops, hairdressers reopen. What changes from d …

From tomorrow, Tuesday 6 April, fewer restrictions in Veneto, which is back in the orange band. Among the main innovations: shops, hairdressers and beauty centers reopen. Restrictions only for shopping malls on weekends. Bars and restaurants open only for take-out and home deliveries. Students return to school, sport and physical activity yes but with rules to follow.

Here, in short, the rules of the orange zone.


From Wednesday all children up to eighth grade will be able to go back to school in person, those of high school in the classroom between 50 percent up to a maximum of 75 percent. While the rest will be in Dad.


As stated in the Government Faq, in the orange zone “there are no limitations to the categories of salable goods”. This means that any shop can remain open. However, on holidays and the day before holidays, “the commercial establishments inside the shopping centers and markets” are closed. But the exception is “pharmacies, parapharmacies, health centers, laundries and dry cleaners, outlets for food, agricultural and horticultural products, tobacconists, newsstands and bookstores”.


In the orange area, the government explains that “it is always forbidden to consume food and drinks in restaurants and other catering businesses (including bars, pastry shops, ice cream shops, etc.) and in their vicinity”. Basically, only take-away catering or delivery is allowed. Between 5 am and 10 pm the sale with take-away of food and drinks is allowed, organized as follows: from 5 am to 6 pm without restrictions; from 6pm to 10pm it is forbidden for subjects whose main activity is that of a bar without a kitchen and other similar establishments.


With the orange zone, hairdressing and barber salons can reopen, as well as beauty centers. ISd in general, personal services are allowed exactly as in the yellow zone, in compliance with the protocols envisaged for the purpose of containing the infection.


As for swimming pools and gyms, they will also remain closed in the orange area, but there are some important changes: “The activities of gyms, swimming pools, swimming centers, wellness centers and spas are suspended, except for the provision of services falling within the essential levels of assistance for rehabilitation or therapeutic activities and for the training of athletes, professionals and non-professionals, who must participate in competitions and events of national importance recognized by the Coni or the CIP ».


In the orange zone it is possible to carry out basic outdoor sports activities in sports centers. This is how the government Faq reads: “It is allowed to go to sports centers and clubs, public and private, of one’s own Municipality or, in the absence of such structures, in neighboring Municipalities, to carry out basic sports activities exclusively outdoors, in compliance with the rules of social distancing and without any gathering “.


In addition to the prohibition of practicing contact sports, motor activity in the orange area no longer suffers the restriction of the red area for which it was carried out “near one’s home”, but rather it can be carried out freely within the territory of its own Municipality. The same thing obviously goes for individual sporting activity which can be carried out within one’s own Municipality. It is also possible “to go to another municipality, from 5 to 22, to do sports only if this is not available in your municipality”.


The new orange zone rules ensure full freedom of movement within your communityand, between the hours of 5 and 22, but respecting the rules concerning a particular type of movement, that is, those towards private inhabited homes. Within the Municipality it is possible to circulate even without self-certification. Therefore, allow visits, once a day, to friends and relatives, but a maximum of two people, excluding children under 14, disabled or non self-sufficient people living with those who move.

In the orange zone, however, travel between different municipalities is prohibited even if within their own Region. The government on this point is clear and in the Faq it writes: “Returning home after visiting friends or relatives must always take place between 5 and 22, throughout the country and regardless of whether the day is a weekday or a holiday “.


To leave the Region, therefore, reasons of work, necessity or health must apply which will be proven by self-declaration. The same reason is valid for moving between Municipalities within one’s own Region but also to carry out activities or use services that are “not suspended and yet not available” within one’s Municipality.


In the orange band there is, for the inhabitants of small municipalities, that is, with less than 5,000 inhabitants, the so-called rule or derogation of the “30 kilometers”. The government explains it in a clear and exhaustive way in the official Faq: “Those who live in a municipality that has up to 5,000 inhabitants are still allowed to move, between 5 and 22, within 30 kilometers from the border of their municipality (therefore possibly also in another Region or Autonomous Province), also for visits to friends or relatives in the manner already described, with the prohibition, however, from moving to the provincial capitals ».


There is a so-called “curfew” between 10pm and 5am the next day“, that is, one can also move within one’s own Municipality only for reasons of work, necessity or health.


The “return” to second homes is allowed, from the white to the red zone, subject to any restrictions established by the governors of the Region. To be able to return to second homes, these must coincide either with the definition of “domicile” or with that of “home” provided by the government in the Faq. In addition to this, you must be the owner or holder of a rental contract before January 14, 2021. The second house must not already be inhabited and only the entitled family unit can reach it, i.e. the owner or holder of the rent.

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