Serie A, the clubs: no stew, stadiums open with the green pass

Serie A, the clubs: no stew, stadiums open with the green pass
Serie A, the clubs: no stew, stadiums open with the green pass

The clubs: “Losses of 1.2 billion, the state tell us how to get the fans back”. And for each day there are 8 time slots

A new cry of alarm rises from the Serie A Shareholders’ Meeting. “The clubs complain about a state of crisis that is no longer bearable – reads a press release – caused, in particular, by the economic losses suffered due to the absence of spectators in the stadiums in the last two sports seasons. To start the next championship, and not to disregard the desire of 38 million fans, the clubs of A, unanimously, require a meeting with the Prime Minister Mario Draghi, with the Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti with the utmost urgency. and with the Undersecretary for Sport Valentina Vezzali ”.

the requests

The clubs explain that they have suffered damage of 1.2 billion euros so far as a result of the pandemic and that they want to “find, in concert with the Government, suitable solutions for the damage suffered so far”. The clubs also ask the state to establish “ways to encourage the total return of the public to the stands from the first day of next season, in full safety for the fans and contemplating the use of the vaccine passport”. The return of the fans is seen as one of the solutions to help clubs reduce losses.

reduced stew

The assembly also decided on a mini reverse on the stew hypothesis, withdrew the proposal of ten matches of a day spread over 10 different time slots. The clubs have decided to stick with the current 8.

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Serie clubs stew stadiums open green pass

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