Wine: Pio Cesare turns 140, birthday in Milan – Lombardy

Wine: Pio Cesare turns 140, birthday in Milan – Lombardy
Wine: Pio Cesare turns 140, birthday in Milan – Lombardy

Five generations have led the family business since 1881

Since 1881, five generations have led the family business in the heart of the Langhe area in Piedmont and carry on the history of their wines including the famous Barolo. The Pio family and then Boffa, from the surname of grandmother Rosy’s husband, carry on the wine business with only one goal, to produce in the best possible way. “Today we are a team, I find it difficult to say who the oenologist of Pio Cesare is, the work is always unanimous” says Cesare Benvenuto Pio, in describing the 2017 vintage in the different types of Barolo and Barbaresco, presented in Milan in combination with the multi-starred Chef Antonio’s kitchen Guide to the Hotel Mandarin’s Seta restaurant.

At the head of the company Federica Boffa, daughter of Pio Boffa, whose recent death left a great void in the world of Italian wine, who wanted to bring the Barolo Riserva 2000 in magnum for tasting. “We wanted to celebrate this moment with something that came from our private reserve, that cellar of which only grandmother Rosy had the key and hardly consented to be opened”, says Federica – with great respect and love for a family history that has always shown great harmony .

Today Pio Cesare produces 400,000 bottles that fascinate connoisseurs in 50 countries, thanks to a well-defined stylistic imprint, the full and intense aromas of the wines and the noble elegance of Barolo. A freshness that makes drinking easy and dynamic in full olfactory and gustatory harmony. A feature that is also found in the Reserve 2000, which is striking for its still marked elasticity. Barbaresco and Barolo Ornato, whose grapes come from a single vineyard accompany with excellent gastronomic propensity the dishes that Antonio Guida has proposed to celebrate the 140th anniversary of a company that has managed to transform Barolo into a contemporary wine, keeping intact the quality of tradition.


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Wine Pio Cesare turns birthday Milan Lombardy

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