M5s, Conte accepts the invitation of the deputies: “Show the Statute? Always available”. Steering Committee: Crimi starts the vote requested by Grillo, but not on Rousseau

While i vertices M5s they hide behind silence, the parliamentarians took a step forward. On the day of the stalemate, after the unprecedented earthquake of recent days, to give a signal are 5 star deputies, immediately indulged by Giuseppe Conte: the group leader in Montecitorio Davide Crippa in fact he asked, on behalf of the assembly, to see the draft of the Statute at the center of the controversy and to meet both Beppe Grillo that the former premier. An official request to which the lawyer was quick to respond positively: “They are always available to deputies and senators”, said intercepted by reporters in front of the house. Meanwhile, something is also moving on the front of the vote for executive committee: Vito Crimi, after the ultimatum of Beppe Grillo, he made it known that he had started the voting procedures for the election, but on the new SkyVote platform and not on the Rousseau platform as requested by the guarantor.

If yesterday’s day ended with yet another question and answer between guarantor and former leader in pectore, today’s one began with a face to face one hour between Luigi Di Maio e Giuseppe Conte: a meeting from which practically nothing was leaked, but which was followed by a private meeting between the Foreign Minister and Roberto I am. In the meantime, the groups in turmoil ask what will happen and all the roads remain open: there are those who do not exclude (or hope) in a possible mending and those who speak of the hypothesis that even the same guarantor can be accused. The next few hours will be decisive and every evaluation, almost all unanimous on this, is still premature.

Di Maio in conversation with Conte. Then he sees Fico – The only public signals for the last few hours have come from Luigi Di Maio: first of all, in the morning, the foreign minister went to the former premier’s house and held an interview of about an hour during which, according to rumors, yet another mediation was sought. Il Foreign Minister, who was officially committed to the G20 yesterday, has not yet said a word about the ongoing clash in M5s. He himself, in the hottest hours of the clash between Conte and Grillo, had preached Calm down, appeals to unity and even, on the eve of the tear, it was said “optimistic” that the situation would return. Then nothing more: while the guarantor and the former premier faced each other publicly, Di Maio he chose not to speak. Only one signal came from his staff: a denial to the reconstructions that they would have wanted it in favor of the rupture to reiterate that “he is working as always for unity”. Not to underestimate the fact that, immediately after the face to face with Conte, Di Maio had a long conversation with the President of the Chamber, Roberto I am: the two were entertained at the end of the ceremony for the end of theyear at the Accademia dei Lincei, in Rome. The conversation lasted all the way out of the building, until the president and the minister said goodbye to get into their respective cars. Approached by journalists, Di Maio greeted, but did not stop to respond. It is essential, in this climate of great uncertainty, to understand how the former political leader moves and how he will move: his word has a lot of influence both with the guarantor and with the former prime minister. And if there is still room to mediate, he is one of the few who can intervene.

The move of the M5s deputies and the turmoil in the groups – The situation remains very complicated, of unprecedented severity for the M5s. The parliamentary groups are in turmoil: the assembly of senators seems compact in support of the former premier (and of Vito Crimi), while at the Camera the rift is sharper. The fact remains, however, that the first step was taken today by the deputies: Davide Crippa, the group leader in Montecitorio who yesterday did not release notes of solidarity with Crimi, today spoke out for the assembly’s request to meet with both Conte and Grillo. And above all to see the draft of the Statute and the charter of values: these are the documents at the center of the conflict, but which actually no one (apart from a very small circle) has been able to read. The move, as we said, has welcomed Conte’s favor, while from the front of the guarantor everything is silent. Moreover, in this scenario of heavily worn out human relationships, there is a third way hypothesized and that is the one for which they push big like Paola Taverna: vote the Conte Statute online and let the members decide. Would it be a way to finally break with Grillo? Maybe. Although there are those who say that it would be the way to reach a decision that is first of all democratic. The words of the mayor of Rome should not be underestimated Virginia Raggi that many, in the count of “who is with whom”, take sides with Beppe Grillo: “I am absolutely confident”, she declared in the morning, “that it will be possible to recompose this period as well. I feel both and they are two people that I respect and appreciate. I believe that this moment of complexity will be able to be recomposed ”’. A vision that is less far-fetched than it may seem and that is shared by other parliamentarians, including the deputy Luigi Gallo: “I believe in the miracle”, he wrote in the blog on ilfattoquotidiano.it.

The crux of the vote on Rousseau and the election of the steering committee – Decisive in this stalemate is also what happens on the front of the vote for the election of the steering committee. Crimi, through an email, communicated to the guarantor that he had started everyone this morning “the preparatory obligations to carry out the voting for the steering committee “, identifying the methods and timing for the presentation of the candidacies, for the verification of the requirements and for the conduct of the vote, reiterating that the voting will be carried out using the voting tool made available by SkyVote. The confirmation comes from sources of the 5-star Movement.

Crimi has in fact complied with what the founder requested: only yesterday he threatened him saying that he would be “directly and responsible” for the consequences in case of refusal. Beppe Grillo in fact, by downloading Giuseppe Conte, went back to the decision of the M5s General States which had ended with the request to elect a committee of 5 and then to hand over a collegial leadership to the Movement. Grillo, however, also asked for this election to be made on Rousseau, despite the fact that only at the beginning of last June the former prime minister and the M5s leaders reached a consensual separation with the platform of Davide Casaleggio. A separation that came after months of clashes and threats of going to court. Only yesterday Grillo ordered Crimi to authorize the use of members’ data for two votes on the Rousseau platform: one for the election of the steering committee and one for the modification of the Statute. The ruling political leader, who is in charge of accessing the data, has agreed to call the vote, but has chosen the new SkyVote platform, the one with which an agreement was made when Conte was already leader in pectore (and moved as such). And in fact Crimi has (again) dumped Rousseau. Now the reaction of Grillo (and Davide Casaleggio) is expected.

In silence, those who moved were a group of elected “Orthodox” 5 Stars, including the Lazio regional councilor Francesca De Vito (sister of that De Vito who gave up the M5s to go with Fi), the Neapolitan councilor and former mayoral candidate Matteo Brambilla e la ex probivira Raffaella Andreola, he warned the Guarantee Committee, its president and its members, “to put in place what is necessary to proceed” to the vote on Rousseau. Also reserving the right to “refer to the competent judicial offices, also by way of compensation, for infringement of the associative and political rights of the undersigned, in the event of non-compliance”. In short, the group of the elected has put into practice what is threatened by Beppe Grillo. But even here, the silence of the President and Regent and of the members of the Committee Roberta Lombardi and Giancarlo Cancelleri, who were still threatening resignations yesterday, suggests a war that could end in court.

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