Single allowance for children, go to the INPS questions. The procedure for obtaining it

MILANO – The bridging operation of the single allowance for children starts, waiting for the measure to become structural together with the overall tax reform and family benefits. “From today, until December 31, 2021, it is possible to apply for the temporary allowance, the new measure to support families with dependent minor children who are not entitled to the family unit allowance (ANF), i.e. self-employed, unemployed, direct farmers, settlers and sharecroppers, holders of self-employment pensions and households family members who do not have all the necessary requirements to be eligible for ANF “, recalled INPS this morning in a note.

The application can be submitted from 1 July to 31 December 2021, using the usual channels: Inps web portal, using the appropriate online service via SPID, Electronic Identity Card 3.0 (CIE), National Services Card (CNS) and INPS PIN issued by 1 October 2020; Integrated Contact Center; Patronage bodies.

Single allowance, from 167 euros for one child to 653 for those who have three. Starting July 1st, for 2 million families

by Valentina Conte

03 June 2021

For submitted applications by 30 September 2021 arrears will be recognized from 1 July.

“The procedure is extremely simplified, just enter the tax code of the minor children and the IBAN on which to credit the sums, as well as having a valid ISEE (which must not be attached). Payment will be made by crediting the current account , bank transfer, payment card with IBAN or postal book in the name of the requesting parent “.

The estimate presented by Istat in a recent hearing on the value of the bridging allowance and Anf

The Institute further explains that, “in the case of legally separated or divorced parents with shared custody, the payment is split 50 per cent between the two parents, or made to the only requesting parent in the presence of an agreement between them. Who he already receives the Citizenship Income he does not have to submit the application, as the share of the check due will be paid ex officio by INPS directly on the RdC payment card “.

The measure is not new only for those who did not receive the checks to the nucleus. “As for who they are already beneficiaries of a family allowance (ANF), explains INPS, “from 1 July 2021 to 31 December 2021 they will be paid one increase € 37.5 for each child, for families with up to two children, and € 55 for each child, for families with at least three children. The increase is also recognized in the presence of adult children unable to carry out a profitable job, as well as children aged between 18 and 21 if students or apprentices and belonging to large groups “.

In this case, the procedures for submitting the application remain the same as those currently in force. The amount of the sums theoretically due by way of ANF, including the increase, will be made available to employers according to the usual channels.

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