To Mediaset the TV rights of the Italian Cup

To Mediaset the TV rights of the Italian Cup
To Mediaset the TV rights of the Italian Cup

Mediaset has been awarded the television rights of the Italian Cup and the Italian Super Cup for the next three seasons. According to what has been ascertained by Calcio e Finanza, the group led by Pier Silvio Berlusconi would have offered 48.2 million a year for the three-year period, buying all the rights present in the announcement (both free and pay).

Rai, on the other hand, kept the radio rights, with an offer of 400 thousand euros per season on average. Overall, therefore, Serie A will collect 48.6 million per season on average for the Italian Cup and the Italian Super Cup: this is 37% compared to the previous cycle, with a value more than doubled compared to two cycles ago (35 million for 2018- 2021, 22 million for 2015-2018).

The greater value is probably due to the new announcement that has put the various operators in competition, and the new format of the competition that will bring the Serie A teams onto the field as early as August.

The new Italian Cup will in fact see the protagonists of formations of Serie A League (20 clubs), League B (20 clubs) e Pro League (4 clubs).

The tournament includes a tennis-type scoreboard consisting of 40 teams: 36 entered directly and 4 from a preliminary round that will involve 8 formations. All 6 rounds of the event will take place in a single match with the exception of the semifinals, as described in the tournament rules which will be published in the coming days.


Mediaset rights Italian Cup

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