Legambiente: Puglia third in Italy for ‘illegal sea’ – Puglia

Legambiente: Puglia third in Italy for ‘illegal sea’ – Puglia
Legambiente: Puglia third in Italy for ‘illegal sea’ – Puglia

(ANSA) – BARI, 01 JUL – Puglia is third among the Italian regions for the number of crimes against the coasts and seas, with 2,965 infringements ascertained in 2020, 13.3% of the national total, corresponding to 3.4 offenses committed every kilometer of coastline, 2,686 people reported and arrested and 1,016 kidnappings carried out by the police. These are some of the data contained in the Legambiente Mare Monstrum 2021 dossier.

Also in the classification of illegality on the cement cycle, Puglia is in third place with 1,103 ascertained infringements, 11.6% of the national figure, 1,230 people reported and arrested and 220 kidnappings carried out. Legambiente cites two examples above all: the abusive tourist village Pino di Lenne in the pine forest of Chiatona in Palagiano, in the province of Taranto, and the illegal residential complex of 20 thousand square meters in Mola di Bari: both, Legambiente recalls, is expected to years the demolition. Out of 1,278 demolition orders issued between 2004 and 2020, 12 were carried out, 0.9%, the second worst in Italy.

Puglia is also in fourth place for crimes related to the waste cycle and in general to marine pollution phenomena: 937 offenses contested in 2020, 13.6% of the total. It is second in the ranking of offenses related to illegal fishing, with 882 confirmed infringements, 17% of the total, 879 people reported and arrested and over 98 tons of fish seized (sixth in Italy).

“Once again the Mare Monstrum dossier gives us a merciless photograph of Puglia – declares Ruggero Ronzulli, president of Legambiente Puglia -. It demonstrates how our coasts and our sea are at great risk of illegality and need greater attention and protection. only by the police, but also and above all by every citizen “.


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