M5s, the deputies ask to see the new Statute and to meet with both Conte and Grillo. The former premier: “Always available to the elected”

While i vertices M5s they hide behind the silence, the parliamentarians take a step forward. On the day of the stalemate, after the unprecedented earthquake of recent days, the 5-star deputies gave a signal, immediately supported by Giuseppe Conte: the group leader in Montecitorio Davide Crippa has in fact asked, on behalf of the assembly, to see the new Statute and to meet both Beppe Grillo and the former premier. An official request to which the lawyer was quick to respond: “They are always available to deputies and senators,” he said intercepted by journalists in front of the house.

The day had started with a face-to-face one hour in between Luigi Di Maio e Giuseppe Conte, followed however by the silence of the vertices M5s. Meanwhile, the ultimatum of Beppe Grillo a Vito Crimi who, only yesterday, ordered him to authorize, within 24 hours, the Rousseau platform the use of members’ data for the election of the new steering committee. A request that the ruling political leader refused to execute, notwithstanding the threat who would have responded “personally and directly” for the consequences “. In the meantime, in the groups in turmoil, one wonders what will happen and all the roads remain open: there are those who do not even exclude (or hope) in a possible mending and those who instead speak of the hypothesis that even the same guarantor can be accused . The next few hours will be decisive and any evaluation is premature.

Di Maio in conversation with Conte. Then he sees Fico – The only concrete signs of the last few hours have come from Luigi Di Maio: first of all, in the morning, the foreign minister met the former prime minister for a face-to-face meeting of about an hour during which, according to rumors, yet another mediation was sought. Il Foreign Minister, who was officially committed to the G20 yesterday, had not yet said a word about the ongoing clash in M5s. He himself, in the hottest hours of the clash between Conte and Grillo, had preached Calm down, appeals to unity and even, on the eve of the tear, it was said “optimistic” that the situation would return. Then nothing more: while the guarantor and the former premier faced each other publicly, the Foreign Minister he chose not to speak. Only a denial, leaked by his staff in the past few hours, to reiterate that “he is working as always for unity”. Immediately after the face to face, Di Maio had a long conversation with the Speaker of the House, Roberto I am: the two were entertained at the end of the ceremony for the end of theacademic year at the Accademia dei Lincei, in Rome. The conversation then continued all the way out of the building, until the president and the minister said goodbye to get into their respective cars. Approached by journalists, Di Maio greeted, but did not stop to respond.

The turmoil within the M5s parliamentary groups and the move by the deputies – The situation remains very complicated, of unprecedented severity for the M5s. The parliamentary groups are in turmoil: the assembly of senators seems compact in support of the former premier (and of Vito Crimi), while in the Chamber the split is more distinct. Yet another back and forth between former premier and guarantor made it clear (as if it were needed) that the level of confrontation remains very high: Conte announced that “the political project will not remain in the drawer” after Grillo had accused him with a video message that he tried to resize the tones. Yet the latest rumors speak of openings for mediations, even if human relationships are first of all completely worn out. In this scenario there is a hypothesized third way and it is the one for which they push big like Paola Taverna: vote the Conte Statute online and let the members decide. The words of the mayor of Rome should not be underestimated Virginia Raggi that many, in the count of “who is with whom”, take sides with Beppe Grillo: “I am absolutely confident”, she declared in the morning, “that it will be possible to recompose this period as well. I feel both and they are two people that I respect and appreciate. I believe that this moment of complexity will be able to be recomposed ”’. The deputy is also pushing for dialogue Luigi Gallo: “I believe in the miracle”, he wrote in the blog on ilfattoquotidiano.it.

In the last few hours, the initial turmoil has given way to reflection and strategy. Yesterday the haste of the parliamentarians was to take sides quickly and try to respond to a tear that for many represented a real shock. One of the clearest breaks came with the ultimatum of Beppe Grillo against Vito Crimi, the senator and chief regent who from the beginning has been one of his loyalists. However, the request for voting on the Rousseau platform is considered unacceptable by almost all parliamentarians. And yesterday the senator reiterated that he would not mediate on that, obtaining the solidarity of the board of the Senate and a minister of weight such as Stefano Patuanelli. Meanwhile, the other colleagues on the guarantee committee (Cancelleri and Lombardi) said they were ready to resign. It remains to be seen how the parliamentarians will line up and last night’s assemblies have begun to outline a kind of internal geography. If a Madama Palace about 80% of those elected are in favor of the former prime minister (and perhaps they would be ready to follow him), a Montecitorio the situation is different, with a good half of deputies leaning towards the Grillo line and the rest closer to the position of the Apulian lawyer. According to the backstage calculations they would be about 140 parliamentarians who would be ready to leave the movement to follow the former prime minister. This applies to those who have taken a stand publicly. But the faction of those who wait behind the scenes should not be underestimated. In short, any forecast is premature and the next few hours will be decisive.

The obstacles – The acquisition of the data of the members by Rousseau for the vote of the Steering Committee is only one of the acts provided for by the 5-star regulations for the appointment of the collegiate leadership that Beppe Grillo wants to relaunch. The start of the voting procedure for the election of the 5-star “executive” decided by the M5s General States, in fact, first envisages a series of acts, provided for by the 5-Star Statute and by a procedure that had to be completed by a regulation that in reality it was never approved. The board of directors, foresee the rules, is “elected through online consultation according to the procedures approved by the Guarantee Committee” and anyone can stand as a candidate. To do this, however, the candidate must upload “their Activist profile on Rousseau and proceed to submit their candidacy through Rousseau’s” Open Candidature “function”. In short, even assuming that Beppe Grillo gave way to the procedures for the choice of candidates and the election of the Committee, Rousseau should not only regain possession of the data of the transferred members but also reactivate all the related portal services.

When it came to transferring the first data on Rousseau’s members to the new club chosen by Giuseppe Conte, it took about a week. The first phase of data transfer from Rousseau, which concerned all the personal information of the members: the transfer from the Rousseau platform to the companies indicated as data processors was completed on 5 June. The transfer of the data related to the Activist Profile, the Voting Area and, among others, all the information relating to the Open Candidature services had been completed much later, on 24 June. On that occasion, the association had commented that it was a “second step in a much more articulated and complex data transfer activity than one might think, since it concerns an extremely vast digital and paper archive”. For a total of about 30 Gigabytes.

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