The new regulation for condominium water utilities comes into force

The new regulation for condominium water utilities comes into force
The new regulation for condominium water utilities comes into force

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The Apulian Water Authority, representative body of the Apulian municipalities for the public management of water, in carrying out its functions and tasks of organizing the Integrated Water Service of the Puglia Region and protecting users, has launched the “Regulations for the transformation of condominium water users into single users” which introduces ad hoc measures to regulate the singularization of the service of distribution and payment of water consumption in condominiums, encouraging the installation of meters for each individual real estate unit.

This Regulation shared with the Apulian Aqueduct Manager, already approved by the AIP Board of Directors and in force starting from 1 July 2021, integrates the more general Integrated Water Service Regulation and affects all those who live in condominiums in Puglia and who they do not have a direct relationship with Aqp – which manages the water service.

For this type of user, AQP has a contract with the condominium as a whole and reads and bills the consumption recorded only on the general meter, while the allocation of the total consumption between the individual condominiums is carried out by the administrator or by specialized operators who have been appointed by the administrator or by the condominium itself.

AIP approved this Regulation in order to guarantee individual condominiums and meet the legislative requirements regarding “condominium reforms” (first of all the condominium reform, Law 11 December 2012, n ° 220) and the related doctrinal guidelines and jurisprudentials recently issued by the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment (ARERA) which consider the solution of individual meters the best tool to rationalize consumption, eliminate waste, allow correct measurement and, at the same time, face the long-standing the issue of arrears or the termination of contracts in cases of persistent arrears.

“The management of condominium water utilities – explains the president of AIP and mayor of Mesagne, Hon. Antonio Matarrelli – it has always been very complex from both a legal and technical point of view. In addition, over the years, local practices have been added that have brought about further changes, translated into regulatory provisions characterized by extreme fragmentation and lack of clarity. AIP, in agreement with AQP, which is the operational arm of the Integrated Water Service in Puglia, despite the awareness of the objective complexity of the issue of condominium users, through the approved regulation, intends to bring elements of clarity in compliance with the current regulatory framework. The goal is to simplify the procedures for citizens through the preparation of acts that comply with the legislative schemes, filling the gaps that limit the transformation of condominium water users into individual users “.

Main objectives of the Regulation and the innovations introduced for users

The Regulation has as its main objective to ensure transparency, in the relationship between the Operator and users, in the context of the distribution and supply of drinking water and related services, spreading awareness of what is the actual legal relationship between the condominium, the Manager and, possibly, the subjects who deal with the reading of the internal meters of the grouped users.

Newly built condominiums: the Regulation prohibits, also in consideration of the existing technical limits, the stipulation of contracts in the name of the latter (except for the common parts, such as stairs and condominium pools) and requires the stipulation of individual contracts, so that each condominium is the holder of his own contract.

Technical and contractual conditions:

– resolution of the condominium to transform the condominium user into single and presentation of all the requests of the condominiums for the signing of the new single user contracts at the same time by the condominium administrator;

– divisional meters interested in the transformation into single users located within freely accessible condominium areas (special rooms, condominium gardens, stairwells, etc.) or in areas to which free and unconditional access by company staff is allowed of the manager;

– in order to conclude the activity with the stipulation of the contracts, the condominium will have to have the old meters removed at its own expense and to adapt the housing niches of the meters according to the technical data provided by the Manager;

– each condominium for single users and the Administrator or the delegate for the condominium one relating to the common parts, must sign a new single user contract with the company / manager.

Billing: the consumption of the individualized condominium users will be billed by applying the fees provided for the relative type of use and the billing criteria will follow as well as the methods relating to the security deposits established by the Integrated Water Service Regulations in force.

Incentives: AIP has provided, as an incentive for the transformation of condominium users into single units, that the cost of the individual meters installed be borne by the company / manager. All masonry and plumbing works, with the exception of the installation of the meter units, must be carried out at the condominium’s care and expense.

The “Regulations for the transformation of condominium users into single users” can be consulted on the Authority’s website The documentation necessary for the request (“Plant separation authorization form”) and the stipulation of new contracts can be downloaded from the website, requested by telephone from the call center at the free number 800.085.853 (from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 17.30 and Saturday from 8.30 to 13.00) or request at the public offices of Acquedotto Pugliese SpA

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