“China is building 145 silos for intercontinental ballistic missiles”: US research center alarm after G7 and NATO post-summit clashes

About two weeks from the top of the G7 and of Then in which the United States have emphasized the role played by China not only as a commercial competitor, but also as a security threat of the Atlantic Block, from the Asian country comes the news of the construction of beyond one hundred new ICBM silos, capable of reaching even the United States, in a desert area near the northwestern city of Yumen. A discovery by the experts of the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies of Monterey who analyzed satellite images that would demonstrate the expansion of nuclear capabilities of Beijing.

At the end of the summits and after the hard stance of the allies, dal Communist Party of China various responses had come in which especially accused the United States of resorting to a “new Cold War climate”To isolate China which, they claim from Beijing, has historically adopted a defensive military strategy. But the new discovery, also published by Washington Post, raises more than one doubt about the possible aspirations of the Chinese government and risks making the start of negotiations with China on the strategic control of nuclear weapons. The 145 constructions under construction are reminiscent of those already in existence for the launch of the Chinese ballistic missile arsenal and represent a huge advance for China which at the moment is believed to possess between 250 and 350 nuclear weapons. However, the exact number of missiles that should be contained in these silos is not known and could even be much lower, since China has already used some fake silos for missiles.

It will not be easy, after the diplomatic clashes that followed at the summit two weeks ago, to sit down at a table with Xi Jinping and reach an agreement quickly. This is also demonstrated by the words of the Chinese president on the occasion of the celebrations for the one hundred years of the Chinese Communist Party: the Chinese people said, “will never allow any foreign force to bully us, coerce us and enslave us. Anyone who attempts to do so will surely break their heads on the Great Wall of steel built with the blood and flesh of 1.4 billion Chinese ”. Ripping off the standing ovation in Tiananmen Square, Xi Jinping said the era of China’s “slaughtered and bullied” is over forever. The great rejuvenation of the nation is in an irreversible historical path after a century of humiliation ”.

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