Sixteen year old killed, the same age “he bragged to a friend for murder”

Sixteen year old killed, the same age “he bragged to a friend for murder”
Sixteen year old killed, the same age “he bragged to a friend for murder”

The 16-year-old arrested for the murder of his friend and peer Chiara Gualzetti, stabbed to death Sunday morning in Monteveglio (Bologna), showed no signs of repentance: he must remain in prison “due to the lack of scruples, inhibitions, motivations and signs of resipiscence almost emerge from the tenor of the vocal messages sent to a friend immediately after the events “. This was written by the investigating judge of the Juvenile Court of Bologna, Luigi Martello in the order, in possession of the Adnkronos, with which he validated the arrest.

Against the 16-year-old the arrest order was legitimate given not only the existence of the danger of escape, but also a series of “serious indications of guilt”. A crime of extreme violence, in which “the inconsistency of the reasons and in any case the absence of reasons for conflict with the victim” emerges, writes the investigating judge.

Prison appears to be the only suitable measure given “the extreme violence and determination demonstrated throughout the course of the aggression, which had a significant duration, and saw the young man hit repeatedly with violence with stabs in the neck, chest and throat the victim and finally hit him with kicks and above all the inability to self-control which makes the danger related to the risk of repetition of the crime particularly high “.

The young man arrested initially tried to ‘mislead’ the investigation and collapsed only in the face of multiple elements of accusation. On the part of the 16-year-old, whose “personality appears inclined to follow his own emotional impulses”, there was “the initial denial of any responsibility” and reported that Chiara “had a subsequent appointment with another young man”.

For the investigating magistrate, the prison is necessary because he “hid clothes, washed shoes and knife, destroyed the victim’s cell phone, deleted images and messages from his cell phone” and “only in the face of elements of exceptional relevance, admitted to have killed the friend “. The list of evidence against the minor – with a “regular life, a substantially adequate family environment and well attended studies” – is extensive, despite “the lucid and cold attempts to hide the traces of the crime”.

Against him there are, writes the judge, “images taken by a video surveillance system that show the young man and the victim moving away together; recovery of the weapon used, seizure of the clothes worn at the time of the events and still stained with blood; recoveries on the cover of the victim’s cell phone; unequivocal tenor of the voice messages sent to another friend to whom she told what she had committed and finally extensive confessory statements “.

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