The semester of the Slovenian premier opens, fears in Brussels – Libero Quotidiano

The semester of the Slovenian premier opens, fears in Brussels – Libero Quotidiano
The semester of the Slovenian premier opens, fears in Brussels – Libero Quotidiano

A few steps from the Italian border, a Trieste, borders a small country which, in recent weeks, has been continuing to raise discussions at the top of European Union. This is the Slovenia, State in which the scarce returned to driving March 2020 Janez Jansa, imposing an authoritarian turn on the country of the Balkan peninsula. A drift made of attacks on the judiciary, journalists, political opponents and a strong limitation of freedom of expression in general. From today, Jansa’s Slovenia he will lead the EU presidency semester. It will therefore be your government that will organize the European agenda and decide, consequently, which topics to bring to the agenda. Jansa could, for example, delay the open proceedings against Poland and Hungary, at a time when the EU seemed willing to fight violations of the rule of law.

Communist militant in his youth, in his political career Jansa was a liberal, then Social Democrat, at times environmentalist and now leader of a conservative and authoritarian right. This is the portrait of the Slovenian premier on The print, which then also reports some episodes of which Jansa became the protagonist in the 80s. As a pacifist activist, he was arrested and jailed for some articles against the Yugoslav army. He was Minister of Defense during the Slovenian War of Independence. His political career has always been marked by extremism, populism and demagogy. Enough to make him gain the fame of “mini-Trump” and the nickname of “Marshal Twitto”, consider his numerous tweets on the social favorite of politicians.

During his first term as premier, between 2004 and 2008, Jansa has seen Slovenia increasingly embrace EU ideals, culminating in the acceptance of the single currency (the Euro was adopted in 2007). Returning to power in 2012, he ended immediately after a year at center of a scandal linked to some bribes for a military order. A story that forced him to six months in prison and a two-year sentence for corruption, which was then annulled by the Constitutional Court.

The scandal aside, he then managed to win the elections in 2018 with his own Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS), but failed to return to government. For that passage he had to wait until March 2020 when, in the middle of the pandemic, he jumped the resignation of his predecessor Marijan Sarec, who had backed away, convinced he could go to early elections. The pandemic context allowed Jansa to return and remain in power, breaking through two votes of no confidence and the street demonstrations calling for his resignation. Today, Ursula von der Leyen is expected in Ljubljana to discuss the Recovery da 1,8 miliardi, some MEPs have already called for the freezing of funds due to violations of the rule of law.

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