Dear Draghi, you are wrong, cashback is not a measure that helps the rich

Dear Draghi, you are wrong, cashback is not a measure that helps the rich
Dear Draghi, you are wrong, cashback is not a measure that helps the rich

Dear President Draghi,

forgive me the trouble. My name is Bottura and… no, I can’t book a table for you. I’m the other one, the one who also struggles to defrost the sofficini. But follow me anyway, it’s a matter of a few minutes.

I am writing to you about the abolished cashback, which she justified as a measure “that favored only the rich”.

Here, look: no.

I understand that from Palazzo Chigi, or from the headquarters of the ECB, which I don’t even know where it is but I imagine in a large park with fountains that give wine, contact with the less well-off can lead to severe errors of assessment but …

The poor have an ATM. It seems crazy to me too, but – albeit only recently – they have abandoned the culture of bartering.

The poor spend 1500 euros every six months on an ATM. A family of 3/4 eats that you don’t have an idea, president. And he almost always gets his groceries from the supermarket.

The poor sometimes have a steady job, so they pay taxes.

I imagine point 3 is particularly specious to you, President.

But wait, I’ll explain it better: it’s just that in recent months Pos have sprung up where before there was only cash / black, nothing but cashback. That a single extra receipt would have made this modest measure a success, because evasion is also tackled one step at a time. And that social justice is achieved or pursued also by putting on the same level who pays taxes and who does not. And among those who pay taxes there are plenty of small entrepreneurs who suffer the competition of their dishonest opponents.

Because you see, President, from the Government of the best we would expect it to take a little less notice of what exists. That he did not base his action on “it has always been done like this”, that he was not dismayed, indignant, committed and then: all of a sudden, the amnesty!

Because that seems to be in sight as well. And you know, President, there are also poor people who do not need an amnesty. To which she, you, are saying: if you had stolen well, and we hadn’t caught you for five years, you would have been right.

I apologize, President, if I recover a twentieth-century adjective but … all this is classist. To think of a social class as a heap of monatti without ATMs and physiologically made up of knitters is offensive.

With the important advantage, at least seen by certain offices, by certain party headquarters that blow on aggressive nihilism, that the classes no longer know they are, that the poor (once called proletarian) have often stopped pursuing rights and accepts this curious subjection for which a white-collar worker tells him that 150 euros are nothing.

And he adds that, incidentally, I believe far beyond his intentions, that it is better to do a little black, or build the partition off the top, or take fines and not pay them. There will always be someone, I’m not saying, I say, for example, the press “outside the pack”, which defends him.

Not you, President, because no one doubts your intellectual honesty. Of its clarity. Of his spirit of service. But, well, if not now when? If now, with the consent it has, a signal is not given against those who rob other Italians, evasion after evasion, will the moment ever come?

Excuse me. As always, I rambled. It’s just that I love this country so much that I am often unrealistic, wanting it to be better. And in the best country I would like, President, the ideological choices (of others) on the skin of the less well-off, perhaps such because the receipts have always beaten them, should remain in the party rooms.

Or, at least, no one would have the courage to justify them by talking about poverty. That is a theme that, with license speaking, does not know even for the shit.

I apologize for the inconvenience and wish you a fruitful work for the good of us all.


Luca Bottura

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