The Tour de France withdrew the complaint against the spectator who had caused the fall of dozens of cyclists on Saturday

On Thursday the management of the Tour de France announced that it had withdrawn the complaint against the spectator who during the Saturday stage had caused the fall of dozens of riders by hitting cyclist Tony Martin with a cardboard sign. She was arrested Wednesday by French police, and on Thursday Tour de France director Christian Prudhomme told AFP that the issue surrounding the incident “has been magnified” and that “now that the message has passed that roadside spectators must be careful” it is time to calm the situation.

The spectator was on the side of the road with a sign that said “force” (in French) “grandfather and grandmother” (in German) and was looking towards the cameras, in the opposite direction to that from which the runners were coming, not realizing be in the way. The accident had occurred about 48 kilometers from the arrival of the stage in Landerneau and had led to the suspension of the race for a few minutes, to allow the riders to get up and restart. According to what he wrote France24, the woman is still in prison in Landerneau.


Tour France withdrew complaint spectator caused fall dozens cyclists Saturday

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