Juve, Agnelli: “Ok to dialogue with Uefa”. Cherubini: “Ronaldo stays”

TORINO – Home presentation day you. With the official start of the 2021-2022 sports season, the Juventus president Andrea Agnelli attend a press conference inside Allianz Stadium. Topics of the day are the promotion of Federico Cherubini (in place of Fabio Paratici, who joined Tottenham), as well as the arrival of Maurizio Arrivabene as CEO. So many changes, in short, which are added to those from the purely field point of view, with the return to the bench of Massimiliano Allegri. The first topic brought up, however, is that of relations with UEFA: “We received a letter from UEFA admitting us to the Champions League. I remember that on our part there is a willingness to dialogue to tackle the problems underlying European football. We are not afraid of the threats received over the last few months and we are confident that our legal action will lead to satisfactory results. But the real result will be when there is dialogue“.

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Agnelli: “Admitted to the Champions League 2021/2022”

Nedved number two of Juve

Regarding the new sports area, the president continues: “Over the years Nedved has known various facets of the company that place him at number two in their own right. Maurizio Arrivabene is perhaps little known to the media, but his skills and management skills will integrate the great football skills of Pavel and Federico Cherubini. Maurizio’s CV speaks for him and I welcome him. Federico has been a regular presence lately on the sidelines, creating a quartet. He is a point of pride of the company, the first fully trained high-level manager within the company. A 10-year career in Juventus. Charges and honors are attributed to top figures, but it is also right to remember that a series of extremely strategic projects bear his signature. Like the project of the club of 15, therefore collaboration on a European level. But also the implementation of the Under 23 team in that excited summer is his work, as well as the steps that followed. The entire sports area will now be under his responsibility. I am convinced they are the best team for Juventus at the moment“.

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Juve gets a makeover. New turf at the Stadium

Future Cristiano Ronaldo

He then takes the floor Maurizio Arrivabene: “A very challenging assignment, I like challenges. And I like Juventus, I’ve been a fan for a lifetime. This mix of things is kind of what everyone hopes to find throughout their career. Otherwise it would be too easy. Is Juve’s goal beautiful in its results? If a team wins, it becomes beautiful automatically. Same example I used for Ferrari “. Federico Cherubini then replies on the future of Cristiano Ronaldo: “There was no sign of a transfer from him, nor from Juventus. We are talking about a player who took the field 44 times with the Juve shirt last season, scoring 36 times. We are happy that Cristiano Ronaldo – as soon as the rest period is over – will be able to join the team“.


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Agnelli: “There is a desire for dialogue with UEFA”

Champions e Superlega

Agnelli on the presence in the Champions League and on the Superlega: “In season 2021-2022 certainly, later we will see in the dialogue what will come out. The proposed solution was going to address the moment we are living. The industry was already experiencing a difficult time, as certified by the polarization of the dominance of some teams in all European leagues. We need to think about the future of football, also based on the behavior of the youngest, I am particularly referring to Generation Z. The boys follow a team, the players, the big events. They no longer have the attachment to a team that previous generations had. It would be important to talk about it, perhaps with alternative competitions in a free market. Understanding whether UEFA’s monopoly position is legitimate or whether it abuses this position. Proposals are all welcome. Ceferin? No problem, by the way he remains my daughter’s godfather. Time will fix any misunderstanding“.

Superleague, the first photos: the format and the project

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Superleague, the first photos: the format and the project

Market not as protagonists

On the market, Cherubini speaks: “We could not make market operations, we consider the team competitive right now and so does our coach. We know that something can be improved, but this does not necessarily happen. We have given ourselves a progressive strengthening plan over the years of the team. And above all, we believe that the investments made in the last two years have a huge margin for growth. It will not be a market in which we will be very active, but we will be alert and ready to seize any opportunity in line with our plan. Paratici? I arrived at Juventus in 2012 thanks to the relationship established with him in previous years. I was lucky enough to collaborate with him and Marotta, two professionals who have given me so much. A relationship has been created with Fabio beyond the professional one. It leaves me with many moments lived together, many journeys. If I think of a quality, I wish I could steal that passion and fire that he has every day in tackling his work. A master, he never stopped at every goal achieved. The next day he was even more charged, interpreting the spirit of the club to his best“. Agnelli on the objectives:”We want to go back to where we started, with discipline and order“.


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Cherubini: “Ronaldo stays”

Nedved and the future

Nedved talks about the field and what elements we can focus on to get back to winning: “All the people who are here have experience and know what one has to do to win. As Federico and Maurizio said, discipline and a lot of work. This is Juve’s DNA and we must keep this in order to move forward and win titles. This company is made for this“. Agnelli takes the floor on possible UEFA consequences and the exploitation of Ronaldo:”We are choosing the banks that will follow us. Once we have the pull of banks on board we will make valuations and risks related to the activity. This is an aspect that evolves over time, let’s not forget that today we have communicated an economic strengthening. Cristiano was one of the first deals that saw work from multiple areas of the company in the overall assessment of the deal and in its third year it has a positive impact. Each operation can also have its own commercial value for the messages it is able to give. I mention McKennie and his attention to issues widely supported by Juventus and very fashionable now, just to give another example.“.

What will Allegri's Juve be?

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What will Allegri’s Juve be?

Renewal of Dybala

Nedved again on the future of Dybala: “Last year of his contract, Federico is working on the case and talking to the player. He will be one of the first to return since he did not participate in the Copa America and is now on vacation in Miami. We have constant contact with them and as soon as he returns we will resume the dialogue where we left off“. Cherubini then talks about Allegri:”We shared technical and team building strategies. After two years I found him extremely eager to train. It is clear that in a logic of relationships and sharing, with Massimiliano there is great harmony and comparison. We will continue in the wake of what has been done in the past. The knowledge we have had for years is certainly a positive aspect“. Back on Ronaldo:”100% him here next season? The current signals from both us and his agent are not pointing in the direction of a transfer of Ronaldo, who for us is at the heart of our project. This is what we can say today. We are extremely happy that Cristiano is part of our team“.


Juve Agnelli dialogue Uefa Cherubini Ronaldo stays

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