how much they cost and how they apply, the latest gender madness – Libero Quotidiano

how much they cost and how they apply, the latest gender madness – Libero Quotidiano
how much they cost and how they apply, the latest gender madness – Libero Quotidiano

Nowadays it can also happen that a parent buys a “fake micro-penis“for her daughter. Why? To make her live in the body of a boy. The surreal story comes from the United Kingdom. Debbie Hayton, trasngender teacher. Hayton teaches science to 11-18 year olds at a school in Central England. And, knowing that type of environment well, he has more than once criticized the impositions and distortions of gender culture from within: he argues in fact that trans people can be perfectly included in society without compromising the rights of others.

And in short, it is she herself who denounces those who have come to design and sell gods crochet penises for little girls. And again, containment panties for children and very tight t-shirts to flatten the chest of girls who do not want to show their breasts.

Hayton’s complaint is about the site Transkids, a virtual space where you can find books for kids who want to find out more about the transgender universe. But not only that: here are also the offending garments, the containment underwear. Like the models Here Buddies, which as explains are modeled on young men who want to be young.

Crochet micro-penises, on the other hand, are sold on the site Stitchbug Studio. An absolute horror. The description reads that “they are individually handcrafted for each order with soft and durable high quality yarn. Our packers are lightweight, comfortable to wear all day and last a long time with minimal care“There are obviously different shapes and sizes.

And again, we read that “Jr. Bug® soft packer is a customized prosthetic packer for teenagers and small adults, made with soft yarn and resistant and polyester padding. The lightweight version is not weighed down and is easy to wear pinned to your underwear or tucked into a packing bag or shoulder strap. It is soft and easy to place naturally, stays put, and is comfortable to wear all day. If desired, the cotton label can be used to secure it. Silicone implants are heavy, uncomfortable, require washing and dusting to avoid becoming sticky and almost always create an excessively noticeable bulge. Sizes are limited and fixed, and there are no fun colors. The Jr. Bug® soft packer is lightweight, customizable, comfortable, low maintenance and machine washable. “The price is just over $ 20 per micro-penis. And if that sounds normal to you …

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cost apply latest gender madness Libero Quotidiano

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