Agnelli: ‘Superlega? I am not afraid of UEFA’s threats. Capital increase? The property supports Juve ‘. Nedved: ‘Dybala renewal? We are in touch ‘| First page

Agnelli: ‘Superlega? I am not afraid of UEFA’s threats. Capital increase? The property supports Juve ‘. Nedved: ‘Dybala renewal? We are in touch ‘| First page
Agnelli: ‘Superlega? I am not afraid of UEFA’s threats. Capital increase? The property supports Juve ‘. Nedved: ‘Dybala renewal? We are in touch ‘| First page

Today the new season begins and a new era begins as far as Juventus is concerned. That the Juventus president Andrea Agnelli introduces in the press conference, is the one with Maurizio Arrivabene CEO of the sports area and Federico Cherubini director. These are the words of Agnelli, the day after the communication of the capital increase up to 40 0 ​​million with which the property will contribute to tackle this three-year economic crisis, which according to the club’s estimates will affect up to ’21 / ’22 for about 32 0 million.

THE SPEECH – “Two arguments that I would like to introduce before leaving room for questions. The Board has estimated the effects of the pandemic over the three-year period at 320 million, based on this the guidelines for the capital increase up to 400 million have been defined. framing it, are the effects that are affecting the entire industry, the Uefa data are reliable estimate the need for liquidity within the system to be 8.5 billion: these are the effects that the pandemic will have on first division clubs. It is estimated that 30-40% will be managed by capital increases, 15-20% are at risk of insolvency. I am thinking of Barcelona, ​​Inter, West Ham, Porto, today we are here but I think that many other capitalizations will be communicated in various forms. Details were given yesterday. It is important to remember that the ownership supports the growth of the club, this continuity for almost a hundred years is one of the strengths, I say this with pride even as a member of the family. The last capital increase? After six years we wanted to make an effort to make a further step of growth, then we had to face this pandemic which is the first world economic crisis that has engulfed the football industry, so we found ourselves having to take those resources that were needed. to grow and use them to face the crisis “

SUPERLEG – “AWe received the letter that welcomed us to the Champions League with serenity. We are willing to dialogue and we reiterate that we are not afraid of the threats we have received in recent months, we are sure that our legal action will bring us success. The result we hope for is the reopening of dialogue. In recent years we have already talked about the effort in renewing the football system, the group stage is quite obvious while in the direct eliminations surprises, involvement and enthusiasm are created: in this sense we must face the changes, following the interests of young people and generation Z There is a need for serious reflection, it would be important to do it with the awareness that there may be different competitions in a free market, this is what we asked the Tribunal, namely whether UEFA is abusing its position. I had a wonderful relationship with Ceferin, I still value it, but when it comes to business there are situations that cannot be communicated and I think that with my immediate resignation he has already done everything I had to do, Alex remains my daughter’s godfather and a person I respect “

RONALDO – “I have said several times in the past and I repeat it, it was the first operation that involved several areas. At the moment the investment has a positive sign despite Covid. Renewal? You cannot deploy teams based on commercial values, but there they are operations that can then have it like for example the McKennie affair “

NEDVED – “Always decisive and close to the team. He has played the role of vice president with a specific focus, in particular since 2018 he has taken on a position that makes him truly number two in the company”

ARRIVABENE – “His managerial skills will be able to integrate the great football skills of Nedved and Cherubini. Listing the curriculum is an understatement. I’m sure he will be able to bring an important component to our sports area”

CHERUBINI – “You all know him, lately he was present on the sidelines with us to form a quartet that is renewed. He is the first manager to be trained at a high level within the company. It is true that burdens and honors must always be attributed to the top figures, but it is true that many projects already bear his signature. I am referring to the Club dei 15 project, such as that of players on loan, not least the Under 23 project to be created in a hot summer is his work. three projects have found confirmation over time and bear his signature. All the sporting part will be under his responsibility “.

TEAM – “I am sure that this is the best team to face our challenges. The next year will still be impacted by the pandemic, our hope is that from ’22 -’23 we can return to planning as in ’18 -’19”

GROWTH – “We have new executives who will arrive between August and September, to grow off the pitch thanks to men who have not worked in the football industry and who will help us in the growth of revenues and the development of many other areas. field I leave the floor to my vice president “

SPEAK NEDVED – “All the people who are here have a lot of experience and everyone knows what it takes to win. Discipline, a lot of work, this is the DNA of Juve and we have to keep it to be able to go on to win it. Dybala? contract, I think Cherubini is taking care of the case and is in contact with the player who is preparing in Miami, we have constant contact with them and as soon as he comes back he will talk about where we ended up “

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