Calciomercato Roma, is made for the outside world

Calciomercato Roma, the transfer of the player is now done. The only expectation is that the agreement will be official, which should arrive shortly.

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More and more chaotic days at home in Rome. The Giallorossi management is engaged on the market front, with the general manager, James Pinto, who wants to hurry up to give important shots as soon as possible Jose Mourinho. First, however, we will have to think about the disposals.

The Roma in fact he has to lighten the salary, mainly by selling the so-called redundancies, which weigh so much on coffers of Trigoria. I Friedkin, in order to get rid of important engagements, they could decide to terminate contracts of several players now out of the technical project of Rome. For others, however, it will be up to find a solution as soon as possible in order not to create general discontent or possible capital losses.

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Calciomercato Roma, is made for Under at Marseille

Cengiz Under @Getty Images

The Turkish journalist Ekrem Konir reports, on his Twitter profile, of a agreement reached between Roma and Marseille for the sale of Cengiz Under to the French team. The deal was then completed and now the Turkish winger is close to becoming a Marseille player.

Under will leave for France in a few days, leaving Rome again, after the disappointing loan to Leicester last season. It is not yet clear whether the player will leave the Giallorossi club a definitive title or if instead there will be a new one loan in its near future.

In this case to see if the loan will be accompanied by a simple right of redemption or if there will be a redemption obligation based on the appearances of the Turkish winger next season.


Calciomercato Roma world

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