Chiara Gualzetti, the video with her killer before the murder: I remember that he did not die

It comes from a surveillance camera in the house of Chiara Gualzetti a Monteveglio the video in which the 15-year-old, disappeared and then found dead in a field in the Bolognese area, walks with her 16-year-old friend who a few hours later will confess to having killed her. The video, broadcast exclusively on Tg1, dates back to Sunday morning, just before the girl lost track and that exhausting search began, which will end on Monday with the discovery of her lifeless body. The images are now in the records of the investigation and show Chiara quiet, demonstrating that she trusted the boy: you can clearly see her leaving the house and then meeting the 16-year-old with whom she heads towards the park of the Abbey. These are the last testimonies of her alive.

Freeze validated for the 16 year old: Chiara tried to defend herself

Meanwhile, investigations continue on what happened, while a series of gruesome details emerged provided by the killer during the interrogation held yesterday and lasted over two hours in front of the judge who confirmed the detention decided by the prosecutor for minors led by Silvia Marzocchi. According to his story, it was he who made an appointment with Chiara last Sunday for a walk. But once they got into the woods, he hit her with a knife he had brought from home, attacking her from the back first, and then kicking her in the head. “I remember that he did not die and I was amazed at how resistant the human body was“, the 16-year-old would have said as reported The Corriere della Sera, pushed, according to him, by a “superior voice” to kill his friend, who probably tried to defend yourself since one was found in his hands lock of blonde hair, like those of him. Again he told of demonic figures, especially of Samael, the angel of judgment with whom “I have been speaking for a long time”. Accused of premeditated voluntary murder, the teenager thus confirmed what had already emerged from the four pages of interrogation by the carabinieri. In the catch the story is defined “to say the least horrifying, both for the numerous macabre and gory details and for the coldness of the story and for the motive, which can appear incredible in some respects and extremely disturbing in others “.

Victim’s mother: “Now we want justice”

While the investigation continues, the victim’s family is demanding justice. “I rely on justice, I have faith in justice, I want justice for my daughter,” she said Giusi, Chiara Gualzetti’s mother, in front of the hundreds of moved people who attended the event last night torchlight procession in Monteveglio in memory of the murdered daughter. “My husband and I thank you all for this hug you have given us, for the strength you give us. I have never talked to anyone because if I had talked about it, Chiara’s disappearance would become true. I preferred to get angry with everyone. And instead we have to. accept it. You are giving us the strength to do so. I thank you all, “he added. The couple relied on the lawyer Giovanni Annunziata which he called the murder “premeditated and heinous. What interests us now is that justice be done for Chiara and her parents, whose suffering is indescribable”.


Chiara Gualzetti video killer murder remember die

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