Pediatricians: in children born in the South + 50% risk of death in the first year of life

Based on Istat data, in the period 2006-2018 there was a progressive decrease in neonatal (in the first 28 days of life) and infant (in the first year of life) mortality, which brought Italy among the countries of the world with lower mortality. In 2018, infant deaths were 1,266, and neonatal mortality was 2.01 per 1,000.

However, according to the study, a wide territorial variation continues to be observed. In the South, where 35.7% of all births occurred, neonatal and infant deaths were respectively 48% and 45% of those in the whole country. Sicily, Calabria and Campania were the regions with the highest rates. And the differences become even more evident for the children of foreign parents who live in the South (+ 100%).

“The idea that being born in a particular area can offer a lower probability of cure and survival is not acceptable”, comments the president of the SIP, Annamaria Staiano. “Synergy is needed to reverse these alarming trends and the SIP is already implementing initiatives to proactively intervene on a care model so at risk of inequality,” concluded Giovanni Corsello, full professor of
Pediatrics at the University of Palermo and Editor in Chief of the Italian Journal of Pediatrics.


Pediatricians children born South risk death year life

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