Juve, the Arrivabene era begins with the 400 million capital increase

Not that the official status has aroused surprise, but the assignment that Maurizio Arrivabene will cover from now on to Juventus marks a necessary passage as much as suffered, also for the property that has decided to renew – for now – the trust a Andrea Agnelli. A conditioned trust, inevitable to reiterate it from what this internal revolution will bring that – as it is in style Agnelli – is consumed almost subdued, with extreme attention to the implications in terms of communication and the image of the company after a disappointing season and not only for sports results.

The official Juventus press release

The announcement of the formal entry of Maurizio Arrivabene was made known through a press release, published after the Board of Directors of the Juventus, meeting on Wednesday:

“The Board of Directors examines the impacts of the pandemic on the three years 2019/22, which can currently be estimated at a total of 320 million euros as direct and indirect negative economic effects. The long-term strategic objectives set out in the 2019/24 development plan on sports competitiveness and economic-financial sustainability have been confirmed. In support of the plan, which, due to the pandemic, will be subject to review in the first half of the 2021/22 financial year, the Board of Directors defined the guidelines for capital strengthening through a share capital increase up to € 400 million.

Lastly, it should be noted that the Board of Directors resolved to assign proxies for the management of the Football Area and the related powers to Maurizio Arrivabene, director of the Company, elected by the Shareholders’ Meeting held on 25 October 2018 and taken from the list presented by ‘majority shareholder EXOR NV ”.

Maurizio Arrivabene CEO of the football area, therefore, Federico Cherubini football director or a sort of sports director with a role – at least in the organization chart – unedited compared to the recent past. There Juventus it is also this: to change the suit while remaining adherent to the values ​​and objectives of the dynasty Agnelli who confirmed their interests and in support of the club allowed and authorized a capital graft of no small importance. A way to inject even more trust (and responsibility) into the new (old) management and towards the coach Max Allegri.

Pavel Nedved’s role in the new Juve

Both will be presented by the president today Andrea Agnelli, alongside his deputy Pavel Nedved, remained in the company despite having been questioned after some episodes not really welcome or in line with the style he would like to restore John Elkann, president of Exor and cousin of Andrea.

On the one hand, in fact, the decision to strengthen the capital by means of a capital increase of up to 400 million euros leads us to believe that it is still central to the interests of the Turin dynasty of Juventus. On the other hand, similar investments are necessary to support the Juventus club’s accounts, considering the impact of about 320 million estimated in the three-year period ’19 / ’22 resulting from the perverse effects of the pandemic.

A contraction common to the football clubs that counts and that had perhaps credited the option with a certain unscrupulousness Super League in the fort built with Real Madrid and Barcelona plus the English. A project disliked by Uefa, of course, by professionals and fans, an authentic resource for any commercial and marketing operation created by European clubs.

The transfer market of the new Juventus: Allegri and the Cristiano Ronaldo knot

Now the questions concern the market: Merry, the corporate coach par excellence, he has always taken care of the construction of the team in harmony with the owners without ever expressing – even in the darkest moments – the perplexities that could inevitably arouse some choices. So he studied a Juve with and without Cristiano Ronaldo, pivot of play and business, of this passing era. And whose future is yet to be deciphered, for real.

VIRGILIO SPORT | 01-07-2021 09:41

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