“Because it is obvious that they go to do in cu ***” – Libero Quotidiano

“Because it is obvious that they go to do in cu ***” – Libero Quotidiano
“Because it is obvious that they go to do in cu ***” – Libero Quotidiano

The 5 Star Movement is in disarray: between Giuseppe Conte and Beppe Grillo the tear now seems definitive, despite the latest attempts at reconciliation by other pentastellati. If there really was a break, in fact, there would certainly be consequences for the grillina team, which could lose dozens of elected officials. The director of Free Vittorio Feltri he recalled, in one of his tweets, what the origin of the Movement was and what its end could be as a result: “Grillo founded the Five Stars on the ideological basis of a vaffan ***. Obviously the movement is going to freak out now.”

The director then asks a question. Are we sure that the end of the M5s can be considered a disaster? Without a doubt it would be for those directly concerned. “The grillini are in chaos. Towards the end of a dream or a nightmare?“, wrote Feltri on Twitter. A comment that triggered the most diverse reactions from users. Someone wrote:” It was a radical dream, it probably did not jump but it has definitely shrunk, which is no small feat. “Someone other instead: “I would lean towards the end of a nightmare!”.

In the meantime we try to save what can be saved. The visit that Luigi Di Maio he did to Giuseppe Conte this morning. One of the extreme attempts at reconciliation, according to the Everyday occurrence. The interview would last about an hour. Although in the end, after leaving the lawyer’s house, the foreign minister preferred not to make any statements and quickly get into the car.

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