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A 10 lire coin which, however, is worth something more. Check your house if you have one too, it can change your life

Surely many of us have kept coins and banknotes of the old lira. This is therefore the right opportunity to go and check if you own one of the coins of the old coinage, which today arrive at a very high value.

One of these is definitely the 10 lire coin dating back to 1954. On one side two ears of wheat are depicted together with the engraving of the number 10, on the other hand it is possible to see a plow. The minting of the same dates back for the first time in 1951 until 1956 and, at a later time, from 1965 to 2001.

The version that it’s worth a nice nest egg it is the one minted in 1954. It is a coin that has a smooth outline and a size of 23.3 mm with a weight of 1.6 grams. It is produced using an alloy called italma. This can also be purchased on eBay by paying the “modica” figure of € 500.

The alternative could be to check if you still have this small piece of metal at home, which seems to have acquired a great deal of value. In case you are lucky enough to find the 10 lire coin at home, it is very important to choose the sales channel where it is possible. get a fairly high gain.

The 10 lire coin of incredible value

Surely one of the best is eBay, the most used platform for buying and selling coins. Before starting to offer the coin for sale, it is very important to understand if it is really worth it. It is necessary first have the object you own valued from a numismatic shop, so as to find out the actual value of the coin.

In addition, a professional is also able to indicate the date on which this was precisely minted, also evaluating the degree of conservation a factor that greatly affects the market value. To obtain the best quotation it is necessary that these are kept in Fior di Conio.

In short, they must be coins on which it is not present no traffic signs. In case you have such a lira but ruined, the only thing you can do is to keep them as a lucky charm as their value is completely null.

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Another way to be able to sell the currency in question is to contact collectors and start a negotiation with them. In this case, however, it is very important to pay attention to the presence of scams or scams. This does not deny that, however, you will have the opportunity to do some good business.

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