Maneskin second most listened to in the world and even beat the Beatles

01 July 2021 10:23

The cover of 2017 “Beggin ‘” flies over 6 and a half million plays

After Eurovision, the rise of the Roman band on the international scene seems endless. In the last month they have made themselves known all over the world, tripling the ratings on the platform thanks to the songs “I Wanna Be Your Slave” and “Shut up and good” (over 100 million plays each on Spotify).

The milestone of 100 million could soon be reached by two other gems of their repertoire: the cover of “Beggin ‘” (contained in the debut Ep of 2017 “Chosen”) and “Torna a casa” of 2018. A success which is added to the two songs placed in the UK top 10 (“I wanna be your slave” and “Beggin”) and the first place in the Billboard USA hard rock chart (“I wanna be your slave”).

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Maneskin listened world beat Beatles

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