Hot record in Canada: it is massacre. Hundreds of dead. Evacuated Lytton for a fire

Hot record in Canada: it is massacre. Hundreds of dead. Evacuated Lytton for a fire
Hot record in Canada: it is massacre. Hundreds of dead. Evacuated Lytton for a fire

Vancouver, July 1, 2021 – A massacre. It’s by now hundreds of victims the budget ofanomalous heat wave that hit British Columbia, the province in the South West of Canada bordering the state of Washington. Local authorities have been reporting since last Friday at least 486 “sudden deaths” that appear linked to the heat, 134 in the Vancouver area only, where vaccination centers have even been closed. And in the Washington state heat-related deaths are at least 16. In theOregon would be 63. Temperatures in the area have nearly i 50 degrees centigrade, an all-time high, and meteorologists fear they may rise again. The heat is also felt in New York, where 41 degrees were touched. “Reduce energy consumption to avoid blackouts”, is the appeal of Mayor Bill de Blasio to the residents. The abnormal heat is due to a “heat dome” consisting of a high pressure area that has trapped thehot air in an area that reaches as far as the Arctic territories.

The weather forecast for Canada

Mortality + 195%

There was a jump of 195% of deaths attributable to the unprecedented heat. “It is too early to say for sure how many of these deaths are related to high temperatures, but we think it is likely that the significant increase is a consequence of the extreme weather conditions recorded in British Columbia and which still affect certain areas of our province,” he explained. chief medical examiner Lisa Lapointe in a statement reported by BBC.

The fires

The Canadian Prime Minister, Justin trudeau, warned that “unprecedented temperatures” have “brought the risk of fire at dangerously high levels. “And precisely because of a fire, all the inhabitants of the town of Lytton, from days the epicenter of the heat wave. Mayor Jan Polderman ordered the temporary transfer of the villagers, about 250 inhabitants. “Basically, a fire engulfed the city,” the mayor told Ctv News. In Lytton, about 300 kilometers east of Vancouver for three days in a row, the highest temperatures in the history of the country were recorded.

Biden’s alarm

In the US, there is drought warning along the entire Pacific coast, up to California. A peak of 42 degrees was recorded in Seattle, in Portland a maximum of 46 degrees, the hottest temperatures ever reported since the start of the surveys, in the 1940s. The president of the United States, Joe Biden in a videoconference with the governors of the Western States, he warned that “the threat of fires this year is as serious as ever” and fires could occur even more serious than those, already unprecedented, last year, when they went in smoke 4 million hectares.

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