“A gathering of maladapted schizoids” VIDEO

“A gathering of maladapted schizoids” VIDEO
“A gathering of maladapted schizoids” VIDEO

The Gay Pride? A gathering of disadattati schizoidi. Word of Antonia Parisotto, councilor of Forza Italia in Cesano Boscone, a town in the Milan area, who during the city council defined last Saturday’s Pride in Milan “a squalid manifestation that has nothing cultural».

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«Anyone who has a bit of salt in their noggin knows very well that these – he said speaking of Pride – are hangouts of maladapted, schizoid subjects, in full dissociative crisis. And the kids, on the other hand, confused and manipulated, far from having any political value, have a lot of psychiatric and something sulphurous … these little shows, if they did not have the help of the strong Western powers, would remain folkloric phenomena, laughable».

The Sentinels: “Resign”

Parisotto – as reported by I Sentinelli di Milano and as can be seen online – at the beginning of the council asked to speak on a “personal basis” and attacked the councilor Ilaria Ravasi, for the patronage of the Milanese Pride. «We expect that today, aware of the gravity of these statements made in an institutional forum, – comment the Sentinels – Antonia Parisotto will resign. If this does not happen, we take it for granted that the same are demanded by your party ». «Politics that lowers itself to such language – the Sentinels still write – we still read it is not a tolerable thing. Disrespect for the thousands of women, men and trans people who participate in Pride either. And then we are told that the Zan DDL should be removed because it is a ‘gag law on freedom of thought. Here the thought sinks into a homolesbotransphobic delusion».

The mayor: solidarity with the councilor

“Solidarity with councilor Ravasi for the personal attack suffered and condemns – the comment put online by the mayor of Cesano Boscone Simone Negri – of the words of hatred heard tonight with respect to those who participated in the Pride”. “The City Council this evening opens with a communication from councilor Parisotto, which in reality would like to be a question, but is configured instead – writes the councilor for integration and equal opportunities Ilaria Ravasi on social networks – as an attack on my person for having sponsored the Milano Pride (the patronage was given by the junta, not me, a long-term policy should know). The serious thing is that it becomes an attack on the Zan bill and on gays defined as: ‘Misfit psychiatrists with a bit of sulfur. They want you to believe that the Zan bill is useless – concludes Ravasi -. They are afraid”.

THE VIDEO (The intervention from 12’06 ”)

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gathering maladapted schizoids VIDEO

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