Medical test 2021: MUR decree

Medical test 2021: MUR decree
Medical test 2021: MUR decree


Medical test 2021: MUR decree –
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The Ministry of University and Research has published the decree for the medicine test 2021 which regulates the structure of the test, deadlines, registration procedures and the functioning of the single national ranking. The admission test to the single-cycle master’s degree course will take place Friday 3 September. The test will consist of 60 questions, to be solved in 100 minutes.


The medicine test 2021 will take place on Friday 3 September starting at 1 pm The test will be structured as follows:

  • twelve (12) questions of general knowledge;
  • ten (10) of logical reasoning;
  • eighteen (18) of biology;
  • twelve (12) of chemistry;
  • eight (8) of physics and mathematics.

The answers to the 60 questions will be evaluated as follows:

  • 1.5 points for each correct answer
  • minus 0.4 (0.4) points for each answer errata
  • 0 points for each omitted answer


L’enrollment in the medicine test 2021 it has to be done exclusively through the procedure present in the portal Universitaly from the June 30th 2021 and until 15:00 of the day 22 July 2021. After registering on Universitaly it is necessary to consult the specific announcement of the university in which the test will be taken and to complete the registration with the payment of the test fee.


In consideration of the containment legislation of the Covid epidemic19, in order to ensure l’application of the provisions of an emergency nature as well as to limit travel within the scope of the national and regional territory, each candidate, regardless of the location indicated above assignment preference, takes the test at the/e headquarters/i of the university/ of universities availablei in own Province of residence/address. On Universitaly you will therefore have to indicate your preferences (you can also put all the locations) but the 2021 medical test will have to be carried out in the university closest to you.

Before proceeding with the registration, we invite you to read carefully the decree of the MUR and the attachments with the programs, the locations and the procedures for registration to medicine 2021 which you find here.


Medical test MUR decree

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