«The M5S returns to the opposition, Di Maio is our Lenin. Ready to apply for Politics »- Corriere.it

«The M5S returns to the opposition, Di Maio is our Lenin. Ready to apply for Politics »- Corriere.it
«The M5S returns to the opposition, Di Maio is our Lenin. Ready to apply for Politics »- Corriere.it

By Flavio Gaggero, Grillo’s dentist but also a friend of Sandro Pertini and Don Gallo, Cesare Zapperi has already written everything in Corriere. The occasion was the candidacy for the regional Ligurian. If the driver of the Camorrista Raffaele Cutolo ended up in Parliament and Silvio Berlusconi’s dental hygienist in the regional council, why couldn’t Grillo’s dentist also enter politics? Also considering the Caligula trend of the founder. And in fact Gaggero, at the fresh age of 84, says he is ready to run for the next policies.

Doctor, Grillo and the Movement are not in splendid health.
“Yes, an uproar has broken out. But I remain positive ».

And where does so much optimism come from?
«From the Bible. Do you remember the parable of the good sower? ».

More or less. Refresh our memory.
«Jesus told of the sower who took a handful of seeds and dropped them. Some fell on the way and the birds carried them away. Others on the stones and did not take root. Others among the brambles and in the weeds. Still others on fertile soil ».

Let us guess: Was Conte in the grass?
“Conte is a very respectable lawyer, but he knows very little about politics.”

But how, he was prime minister and Grillo wanted to crown him head of the Movement.
“Some things are discovered later.”

And now what is his friend Grillo to do?
«I am a lover of the Gospel but also of Lenin. And he in ’21 told his people that they had to step aside and have those who know how to govern govern: that is, the bourgeoisie ».

Who can be your new Lenin?
«Di Maio. Or Patuanelli. They chew on politics ».

Di Maio, Lenin’s “cook”? But are you telling us that the Movement must give up Draghi and go to the opposition?
«Yes, I like Draghi very much. But I am on the left and on the left I will die ».

Then he must have suffered to death when Beppe allied himself with Salvini’s right.
«Oh yes, a lot. We had an argument. But as Nenni said, sometimes politics has to be whore ».

Did he say so? But in what sense?
«I’ll explain it to you with another sentence from Nenni: there is the politics of men and that of things, which sometimes surpasses the former. It happens that we find ourselves in unpredictable situations ».

But tell the truth: Wasn’t Grillo a father-master, as Conte says?
«But no, he founded the Movement. Mind you, Movimento, I did not leave ».

Now gone.
“And in fact, now a movement of opinion must return, as it was years ago. Like that of Pannella ».

Pannella liked Grillo, but an ocean divides them between the two.
“Grillo will go down in history, he is the politician of the future”.

The problem is the present.
«Look, I make a comparison that was very popular in the Vatican: with Grillo we are passing from Latin to vulgar. At first you were a peasant if you spoke vulgar, but now who speaks more in Latin? ».

Very few, in fact. But while we await the transition to the vulgar, as well as the ecological one, the Movement risks splitting.
“Yes I know. But it is better, the Movement will return to its origins and will lose some voters who belonged to the Democratic Party ».

Will you be alongside Grillo? After all, he chose her to nominate her in Liguria.
«But no, it was Ferruccio Sansa. Beppe said to me: who will do it to you? But if he asked me now, at the next Politics, I would be ready to give him a hand and run as a candidate ».

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