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“Are they defying the sense of ridicule?” – Free Daily

“Are they defying the sense of ridicule?” – Free Daily
“Are they defying the sense of ridicule?” – Free Daily

And now, what do we do? Or rather, what do they do now? We talk about the M5s and the clash that rages between Giuseppe Conte e Beppe Grillo. He talks about it to On air, the transmission of David Parenzo e Concita De Gregorio on La7. Guest in connection here Ferruccio De Bortoli, who thinks about the clash between the two leaders.

That of the M5s is an “implosion in some ways unexpected, with dramatic tones and mutual accusations. It would be interesting to have the streaming of what is happening now to the groups – said the former director of the Corriere della Sera -. If we were in place of the original M5s we would claim to know exactly what is going on. The M5s is exploding, exasperating the worst defects of the parties of the first republic or of the second, of the antagonistic parties against which the five stars have so effectively hurled themselves, obtaining many votes “, remarked De Bortoli.

“I put myself in the shoes of those who trusted the M5s – he continues -, it would be interesting if they asked themselves at that meeting: the mandate that has been assigned to us so copiously by one in three voters are we respecting or are almost defying the sense of ridicule? Paradoxical, for a party led by a comedian. Among other things, the contrast is between two people who no longer trust each other. Even if they managed to find a synthesis they would not be credible, neither they nor the M5s “, concludes De Bortoli sharply.

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