Zaniolo launches Italy at Euro 2020: “Now everyone fears the national team”

Zaniolo launches Italy at Euro 2020: “Now everyone fears the national team”
Zaniolo launches Italy at Euro 2020: “Now everyone fears the national team”

Nicolò Zaniolo interviewed by ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’: “I would like to be there for the World Cup. Me ‘bad boy’? You become a man even if you make a mistake”.

L’Italy is among the best eight national teams in Europe and, on Friday evening, he will fight to reach the top four: against Lukaku and De Bruyne’s Belgium it will not be easy to win, but Nicolò Zaniolo he is confident.

Yes, Zaniolo himself, who is watching these Europeans on TV waiting to return permanently to the field after the second breakdown of the Crusader, something really terrible for a boy who is about to turn 22.

Interviewed by ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’, the Roma player recalled the moment in which, in agreement with Roberto Mancini, his forfeit to Euro 2020 was decided. The goal is called Qatar 2022.

“It was a difficult day. Coach Mancini and I spoke to talk about the call-up to the national team, but we came to the conclusion that I would not be able to be ready by June. All this also out of respect for my teammates who have played the whole year while unfortunately, due to my injury, I was unable to do so, but now I look forward. Next year there is the World Cup, and I don’t hide the fact that this time I would really like to be there “.

The ‘bad boy’ fame seems to have faded.

“(Laughs, ed) I still have to improve, but one becomes a man even by making a mistake “.

No predictions of final victory but a certainty: this Italy has earned the respect of the opponents who now fear it as right that it is.

“I’m not saying anything, because you saw what happened to world champion France, but at this point, in your opinion, which national team wouldn’t be afraid of Italy? I believe none “.

No mention of the Roma, but a great desire to work with Mourinho to keep improving and maybe even win something.

“Halt, I’m not talking about Rome. I’m just saying we’re all gassed, because we can’t wait to show Mourinho how much we are worth. He is a great coach and has won a lot. It is an honor for me to be coached by him, so I can’t wait to get started. “


Zaniolo launches Italy Euro fears national team

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