Tax bills, Draghi decree: new stop and amnesty

Tax bills, Draghi decree: new stop and amnesty
Tax bills, Draghi decree: new stop and amnesty

News since MEF: soon a new extension of Suspension of tax deeds and collection. At the moment the final date would be August 30th, then the restart in September. But a probable solution is also being studied as regards the installment payments of the previous one balance and excerpt and scrapping of folders.

So from yesterday’s meeting of Palazzo Chigi the news arrives: the consent for it stop. Another two months of fiscal peace e blocking of tax bills. Officiality that will come with theapproval of the new decree, the third in chronological order of Draghi government. The Support Bis in fact it had further extended the terms to arrive at June 30th. So the deadline is imminent. Urge measure to be defined within the next few hours.

In this way postpone to September 30th the payments of overdue folders in the period 8 March 2020 – 31 August 2021

But the news does not concern only the new dates and the deferral of payments. Although late, it is also coming on implementing decree of the amnesty or amnesty that will establish the terms of debt cancellation pending envisaged by the first dl supports.

That is thecancellation of tax bills less than 5000 euros between 2000 and 2010.

A provision intended for taxpayers with certain income requirements. Here are the decisions of the government to guarantee taxpayers a ‘summer without the burden of the taxman.

New Draghi Decree: tax news

In addition to the government announcement regarding the new decree coming, the news also concern the next one tax reform, in which they will be inserted new rules for collection also with the primary objective of recovering outstanding sums.

In fact, there are not only government plans tax breaks for taxpayers, a new chapter of fight against tax evasion with tools like the income meter and the forced withdrawal from current accounts.

The exponents of the Treasury were all in agreement on this, if on the one hand there is a needto free both Equitalia’s warehouses sia i taxpayers in trouble from the weight of tax bills no longer due with the sanatoriums, on the other it announces itself a reform which will aim to recover the most important sums as much as possible e fight evasion of subjects with higher pending charges.

A targeted collection to avoid it waste of money, for actions intended for forced recovery of credits that anyway they are no longer due, or whose owners have in the meantime declared bankruptcy or have become propertyless, therefore not foreclosable.

For the others, on the other hand, already ascertained with contributory capacity thanks to the new profitmeter and new controls the collection actions. Because as stated recently by Maria Cecilia Guerra, undersecretary al MEF:

“Recovery actions must be taken as long as the resources are there”. That is, assuming the use of the feared forced withdrawal on current accounts.

So if the rest of the summer can be quiet enough as far as the tax actions, it will not continue in the same way once the business is divided. The tax bills will return to be delivered to taxpayers and with the new anti-evasion reform, many will be at risk.

Tax bills, stop notifications and payments: MEF extension

From the MEF once again comes the decision to postpone the date of departure of the tax authorities. The tax bills they will continue to stay suspended at least until 30 August. With this, that is the ninth measure taken by the government for it stop collecting we arrive in total to 18 months of suspension of fiscal activities from 2020. Year during which Italians have literally the debts with the Revenue Agency have been frozen. In fact, according to recent studies and statistics there are more than 930 billion in unpaid taxes yet to be recovered. With impressive increased tax evasion.

However, as far as short-term decisions are concerned, the most urgent ones, one is on the way new extension to tax activities that will characterize theestate 2021. Once again after the previous ones, all arrived in the final hours before the date of a probable one restart of the documents. The agreement comes after the numerous pressure from government officials, especially from the League, of postpone directly to 2022.

For the moment, however, we must be content with another two months. In September then the Draghi government will evaluate what to do. Together with maxi decree which also concerns fiscal measures is also expected implementing decree that cancel 10-year outstanding debts.

But of course the suspended tax bills will not be canceled. Apart from those that will fall within the amnesty or amnesty which it will then effectively eliminate 10 years of debt less than 5,000 euros.

So in September then it could resume the investigation mechanism at full capacity, of notifications and above all of foreclosures and administrative stops. For now, the wave of proceedings is only being suspended compulsory collection and notification of tax deeds. That otherwise would have overwhelmed taxpayers in the middle of summer.

Many of those who are still there recovering from the crisis, especially i business owners who have recently reopened. So it seemed inevitable at least lighten the burden of tax bills pending, since there are already many with the restart struggling with rents, bills, salaries and installments of financing.

Tax records: the new scrapping dates and balance and excerpt

The give new payments for those who have already exploited the facilitated definitions of payment offered by the previous ones scrapping and options balance and excerpt of the tax bills. In addition to the stop of payments for folders included in the period March 2020 – August 2021 , notifications and foreclosures, you are thinking of a solution for one further extension both for the installments that expired in 2020 and those of the current year still suspended.

Soon it will also be decided on the basis of new calendar decided by the extension. In fact, according to the decree still in force for a short time these would have been deadlines: July 31st, which becomes August 2nd thanks to the holidays, and November 30th.

Respectively for the payments of tax bills in installments thanks to scrapping ter and balance and excerpt of the last years. Then there are always the 5 days of tolerance within which they can be carried out payments without running into surcharges for delay.

This therefore effectively moves the deadline of the current deadline respectively to August 9 and December 6.

Who instead meant defer payments because, not having paid the installments it results lapsed from the previous scrapping of tax bills, can request an additional subsidized plan from the agency of enter collection by 31 December 2021.

For more detailed information on requests for deferred payment of tax debts you can consult the official guide on the YouTube channel of Revenue Agency: “How to pay the collection documents in installments“.

Condono tax bills for support: how it works

From the control room of Chig palacei, where we are discussing not only about the tax decree but also on work, layoffs, layoffs and support for VAT numbers, communications arrive regarding the implementing decree which will fix i terms of the tax amnesty for the cancellation of tax bills included in the decade 2000 – 2010.

A delay however expected and announced, compared to the date of 20 June. But that is in the meantime extending the expectations of taxpayers who need to actually know what and how many tax benefits will be reserved for them if they fall within the amnesty of tax bills.

In fact, we remind you that this provision applies not only to some types of debt of less than 5,000 euros inclusive of charges and penalties, but also for taxpayers who have not passed the personal taxable income of 30,000 euros.

To check your limit, you can rely on the figure calculated in the tax return for the year 2019.

This has effectively narrowed the number of taxpayers to benefitthe. While the years to be taken into consideration, which initially had to be 15, have guaranteed greater certainty than to be in fact canceled there will be many tax bills no longer due. However, the decree still concerns very many taxpayers that they will finally be able to say goodbye to pending charges which are still outstanding since we are talking about at least 16 million folders.

In short: the tax bills with debts registered in the role in the reference years (2000-2010), less than 5000 euro, for subjects with income not exceeding 30,000 euros. All the loads entrusted to the entity are meant Inland Revenue Collection or Equitalia.

And the amount of the single load and not the total of the folder. Not all types of folders fall within the amnesty, in fact, the following are excluded: many for criminal trials, refunds caused by state contributions not due, and “traditional own resources of the European Union”.

To know the details of the departure you just have to wait for next hours, when the approval of the implementing decree. Then the citizens in a debt position will be able to check the role extract to verify which and how many folders will be declared canceled ex officio.

Tax bills forgiven: no reimbursement for those who have already paid

The suspensionand the terms of payment al August 30 it is important that it also coincides with the date by which the final modalities of the amnesty. Indeed who has outstanding tax bills which could fall within the amnesty of the support decree will be able avoid paying. This is because, as also specified in official gazette after converting to legg part Dl March 22 2021:

I debts already paidi, although falling within the new amnesty they will not be refunded in any way.

So in practice, if someone had already decided to do their duty as a taxpayer by welding back files concerning taxes e local taxes For example ICI, IMU, TARI, car tax, contributions, will not recover the amounts which then will be condoned by decree.

A penalty in fact for the honest taxpayers, which also caused debate why in this way they would go to reward some habitual tax evaders, even if in fact with i income limits, the pay and restrict a lot.

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