Malika and the controversy over fundraising: “It’s true, I bought a Mercedes with the money”

Malika and the controversy over fundraising: “It’s true, I bought a Mercedes with the money”
Malika and the controversy over fundraising: “It’s true, I bought a Mercedes with the money”

Malika Chalny, the girl from Castelfiorentino who ended up in the newspapers in recent months because she was thrown out of the house by her family as a lesbian, gets into trouble for how she used the money from the fundraisers in her name. The 22-year-old bought a Mercedes, as she herself said in an interview with Selvaggia Lucarelli on The International Post. “I rented the house in Milan, we gave a year’s rent plus a two thousand euro deposit. Then I paid the dentist, the lawyer, I bought some clothes. I had nothing, everything was left at my parents’ house. Now I have had some expenses for the car », Malika claimed, explaining that the purchase cost her around 17 thousand euros.

Malika Chalny and the Mercedes bought with fundraising money

The girl had been tagged in an Instagram post by Gaia Zorzi, sister of Tommaso, the winner of the Big Brother Vip of 2020. In recent days she had then claimed that the car belonged to his girlfriend. Then with Tpi she retracted and apologized: «Yes, I told a lie. I’m sorry. I was asked that I was under pressure. I have lived through everything in these months, I was thrown out of the house, I have the assets seized, do you have any idea? For me, this is a wrong way of doing journalism. Then we talk about the two fundraisers and the destination of the money of the main one, which reached 140 thousand euros. Malika had announced that he wanted to donate the money to charity but has not yet done so.

Her agent and spokesperson let it be known that the girl wanted to build a foundation together with Laura Boldrini for women victims of discrimination: “We tried to involve her but she is not well and the thing has lengthened a bit”. On this point, however, always at Tpi, the former president of the Chamber denied: “I would like to clarify that the hypothesis of setting up an association for the victims has never been discussed with me or with any collaborator or collaborator of my staff. of discrimination much less of a fundraiser. It is therefore a real fake news. My name is therefore brought up in a totally improper way ».

Chi è Malika Chalny

Malika Chalny had reported that she had been “thrown out of her home by her family because she was a lesbian”. His parents, after the coming out, they would have told her: “If you come back we’ll kill you, better 50 years in prison than a lesbian daughter.” After her story, which had also caused the opening of an investigation by the prosecutor of Florence, a solidarity contest was born and she thanked everyone on Facebook: «Thank you. For a word, a gesture, a virtual hug. I read you all, but you are really many. I carry on this battle with courage, for the kids who are going through what I went through and I am going through, for the children of the future, for what matters in life … love. I only ask you not to show hatred, offenses and bad words towards my “parents”, even though they are also understandable. I embrace you all ».

Subsequently, her parents had also taken away her residence and changed the lock of the house, thus preventing her from being able to collect her clothes and belongings. Brother Samir, in an interview with Le Iene, had stated that the mother and father had requested a refusal. Then he too had taken it out on Malika: «I don’t take the side of a person who sucks. He had to think very well about it. This reaction from my parents, she knew in detail. It’s something that will go on for years. It will take years before all four of us sit down to eat and have a bite together. The first thing my mum told me was “for drugs there is a cure, for this reason no”, they consider it really a disease ».

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