advances 1 July 2021, episode plot

advances 1 July 2021, episode plot
advances 1 July 2021, episode plot

Advances episode of the Turkish soap Love is in the Air of Thursday 1 July 2021:

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Eda wants to resign from Art Life after the quarrel with Serkan, ending relations with him too: the boy, however, manages to catch her as she leaves the office and from here a new quarrel arises. In fact, Serkan would like to trust Eda about the leak of patent information, but asks for concrete proof of her innocence.

Meanwhile, Ceren meets the “accused” journalist: when Selin also shows up, the woman changes her version and no longer reveals the name of the person who passed her the information, inventing a very unlikely excuse.

In the meantime, Fifi worked hard to help Eda with the proof to be delivered to Serkan: thanks to her knowledge she managed to obtain the recordings of the security cameras of the day she went with Eda to the notary. In fact, the video does not result in compromising conversations or exchanges of documents with third parties.

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