the two building contractors, including the former president of Forlì, ask for a plea bargain

the two building contractors, including the former president of Forlì, ask for a plea bargain
the two building contractors, including the former president of Forlì, ask for a plea bargain

First stage of the trial for the “Feudo” investigation of the carabinieri, which last December had uncovered an alleged system of embezzlement widespread within the Municipality of Modigliana, with numerous public works and services regularly paid for by the municipality, but never actually carried out. Wednesday morning before the judge for the preliminary hearing Lubrano the three main suspects of the affair appeared: theex Municipal Manager of Public Works of Modigliana Flavio Magalotti, Stefano Fabbri, former president of Forlì Calcio and building contractor, e Stefano Cavina, building contractor from Tredozio, accused in various ways of complicity in embezzlement, disturbed freedom of enchantments and ideological falsehood committed by a public official. The defenses have sharpened their weapons, so much so that constitutionality exceptions have also been raised on the legislation in force, which was recently tightened up with the so-called “Corruption Sweep”, approved by Parliament in 2019 to crack down on crimes perpetrated by public officials.

During the hearing, however, the trial directions of the main suspects separated: the Fabbri entrepreneurs (defended bylawyer Fabrizio Bellavista) and Cavina, in fact, have already formalized a plea bargaining request, on which the Public Prosecutor’s Office (chief prosecutor Maria Teresa Cameli and deputy Laura Brunelli) expressed a favorable opinion. The agreed penalties have yet to be defined. The other main position, on the other hand, is that of the public official Flavio Magalotti (defended bylawyer Vittorio Manes), which raised a series of technical issues that led the judge to update the preliminary hearing to November 27, a date on which the positions of Fabbri and Cavina could also be closed with the plea bargain, associated with compensation for damage.

The investigation

The investigation by the carabinieri took the name of ‘Feudo’ because this had become, for the accusations, the Municipality of Modigliana for the former municipal manager of public works Magalotti. In fact, again according to the reconstruction of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, he entrusted small maintenance works of all kinds, he certified the outcome of the works and authorized the Accounting Office to pay the invoices, even if these works had not actually been carried out. from compliant firms. In the two years controlled by the Carabinieri of the Forlì Investigation Unit, from mid-2018 to the first half of 2020, this system would have been replicated about forty times, for a total of 110 thousand euros of public money that came out of the coffers of the town hall. Last March, new investigative investigations made it possible to identify a second tranche of works paid for by the Municipality of Modigliana but also in this case never carried out, for a value of another 25 thousand euros.

The investigation started with an internal report from the Municipality of Modigliana, a councilor recently installed in the municipality with the change of administration led by Jader Dardi became the promoter of the doubts that snaked in the Municipality. A series of investigations, with documentary checks, telephone wiretapping and checks on money transactions have made it possible to list 84 charges, which put on paper those that for the Prosecutor would be illegal operated through false determination of the manager who now attested to the execution of the works, now the authorization to pay for the works outsourced with very simplified procedures, since these are works and services of a few thousand euros in value. Again according to i Carabinieri of the Investigative Unit (commanded by Colonel Gianluigi Cirtoli and Captain Giuseppe Vignola), jobs for higher amounts were divided to fall within more simplified procedures, better controllable and not delegable to higher-order bodies such as the former Mountain Community.

Many interventions where payments would be made for work not carried out or carried out only partially: the redevelopment of the former municipal slaughterhouse to be used as a multipurpose center, the restoration of public parks, works in schools as fences, recovery of walls damaged by humidity, renovations of bathrooms, sports field fences and cemeteries, maintenance of public transport such as the replacement of tires for trucks, road works such as ditches, maintenance of public facilities, works at the San Rocco museum. In the end, the works were not carried out or carried out by municipal workers or other firms. “In the hypothesis of the Public Prosecutor – explained the prosecutor Brunelli – it is above all the sum of the many behaviors that have stolen from the community of Modigliana the lack of investments for over one hundred thousand euros, a significant sum when referring to a community of not even 5,000 citizens, who suffered in minor public services “.

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