Nazi-fascist organization of very young people dismantled in Milan

Nazi-fascist organization of very young people dismantled in Milan
Nazi-fascist organization of very young people dismantled in Milan

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Four restrictive measures of personal freedom, against 4 Italian citizens, were carried out by the Digos agents of the Milan, Milan and Trieste Police Headquarters following an investigation that made it possible to identify and disrupt an underground organization – AR Revolutionary vanguard – composed of very young people who, inspired by American supremacist groups, pursued the establishment of a new world order of Nazi-Fascist origin, inciting discrimination and violence on racial, ethnic and national grounds.

The investigation conducted by the agents of the Digos of Milan, coordinated by the head of the District Anti-terrorism Section of the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office Alberto Nobili and by the prosecutor Enrico Pavone, led to four restrictive measures of personal freedom against very young of about 20 years, of the obligation to stay with the contextual obligation of daily presentation to a Police Office.

In this regard, the investigators explain, the choice to use as battle names that of terrorists who have become icons reference of the neo-Nazi galaxy such as, for example, that of Anders Breikvik, responsible for the massacre of Utoya in July 2011.

The group, which he had planned violent actions and planned intimidating actions to recover money, he had also tried to broaden his reach through direct relations with other far-right organizations, such as the Swiss association “Junge Tat” that a suspect had visited in May, remaining involved in the aggression organized by anti-fascist movements against the Swiss exponents.

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Nazifascist organization young people dismantled Milan

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